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  • Saba khorassani

Cheshire Indie Rockers The Zangwills return with new single 'Walking On A Wire'!

Infectious Indie Rock outfit The Zangwills thrill listeners with their new single 'Walking on a Wire'. The quartet originating in Cheshire are quickly becoming crowd favourites, and have earned themselves an “army of enthusiastic followers” as their Spotify account states. Their sound lies somewhere between Arctic Monkeys and The Ramones, with infectious vocals and intelligent lyrics on a backdrop of energetic, determined instrumentals.


'Walking on a Wire' opens with a cocktail of percussion, a small preamble to the booming synth which then takes over the track. What follows are the confident, punchy vocals of lead singer Jake Vickers, ever accompanied by the rhythmic, incessant drums. The lyrics are not to be overlooked, somewhat melancholy and insightful, they offer a stark contrast to the sonic vivacity. Vickers sings of “trying to stop the corners of [his] mouth from falling down” and how “a straight line’s become a maze”, lyrics which add depth and flavour to an ostensibly upbeat anthem.


Indeed, cleverly-crafted lyrics seem to permeate The Zangwills’ oeuvre (see New Heights and Spielberg Sweethearts), adding much appeal to the already catchy sound.


The band also have gained a fantastic live reputation, having recently performed at Dead Wax in Birmingham, as well as The Lexington earlier this year. The Zangwills are ones to watch!


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