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BOOT WATCH OCTOBER 2021: Three new artists you need to be listening to this month!

Freddie Mercer

There is something instantly anthemic about the new single 'Place In The Sky' from solo Indie artist Freddie Mercer. The big chords and stadium drum sound create a poignant impact from the first second. Initially Freddie's vocals are pretty understated considering the vocal depth he demonstrated on his debut single 'Tide' (which you can watch him perform below). They begin patiently, constantly building a steady tension with a confident yet measured delivery that sees his words meld in the same rhythm as the instrumentals for the first half of the track. Then we are met with a moment of calm that you can immediately tell will only be brief. Again, the piano chords have a certain drama to them here, building a fantastic suspense as the softly spoken vocals grow until the drums pop this dreamy bubble and reinstate this anthemic Indie rock feel.

This time around Freddie doesn't hold back on his vocals. He elevates the track with long, passionate drawn-out notes. This second half of the track reflects the title. The guitars and vocals are both soaring and prompt a real emotive reaction as if you are being lifted towards the sky with the smooth sonic power. It feels rare nowadays to come across a singer-songwriter that still utilises the classic instrumental force of a full band yet it really pays off here. With 'Place In The Sky' being only his second single, we can expect an exciting next 12 months from Freddie Mercer.


Clwb Fuzz

It's been over a year since we last heard from Cardiff's Garage Rock outfit Clwb Fuzz but after the noise they were creating pre-lockdown it has been a wait of anticipation. Their first three singles and stream of live shows had given us a good handle on what they were about. They offer a psychedelic fuzzy landscape filled with reverb and haunting vocal layerings but after the fair amount of time that has passed you could understand fans for being unsure of what they will hear next.

Well fans can rest easy. Their next single 'God (Let You Lose)' is arriving this Friday (October 8th) and it reinstates their grizzly swirling Psych sound but with a whole new menace. The drums open the proceedings with a crisp, punchy tone before the beat is quickly swamped with a misty glaze of Grungy guitar strokes and a purposefully dark and monotone vocal utterance reminiscent of Drenge. The occasional boom of the bassey drum sound gives the track an almost tribal feel whilst the subtle key notes create a Gothic under layer. These elements give the impression that the band haven't been away taking a lockdown break, working on other things... they have been loitering in the underworld ready to emerge into this post-lockdown world with a devilish cloud to their music. The highlight of the track is a moment that only confirms this. The wall of sound drops for a moment as a chanting whisper repeats the line "we've got something for you" with an almost cult like temptation. The song then bursts into a raucous Psych out as guitars, drums and vocals alike push themselves to the extremes in a climax that engulfs your ears with a shattering force.

They are renowned for their live shows and this track seems like further confirmation that are not one to be missed!!


Coco and the Lost

Whether it is the result of having parents in the industry, a product of her eclectic list of jobs including a picture double in Star Wars or just the fusion of her eccentric musical influences such as Blondie, Pulp and Queen we can't be sure. What we do know is that her bold personality is there for all to see as it pours out of every track. Her glamours take on Brit-Pop in her last single 'Not Famous' delivered a slick Grungy conglomeration of musical greats gone by.

However, her next release 'Crying in the Bathroom' (out October 8th) sees her fully breathe in her own distinctive sound. The more electronic feel suits the deep swagger of her vocals and allows her to show her range. It also seems to give her more freedom and have fun, with the instrumentals providing a really textured high tempo base for her to deliver vocal nuances whenever she pleases, ranging from angst to ecstasy within seconds. The track packs the very 21st century concoction of carefree bedroom pop sounds with unfiltered lyrical windows into the modern mind that artists like Abbie Ozard and Lauran Hibberd have been perfecting. On the surface it is a song for dancing around your bedroom in PJs to but it also has a level of sensibility, capturing the go-to modern coping mechanism of smiling in the face of adversity with the contrast of euphoric instrumentals and honest, introspective lyrics.

She sounds right at home in this new single and we just hope that it is the start of a vibrant new Bedroom Pop avenue for Coco and the Lost to explore.




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