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BOOT WATCH March 2022 ft. Primes, Low Lying Sun, Bollo Bollo & The Waah Kin Tribe

From Indie Rock to Dream Pop, here's our top new discoveries this month! Enjoy...


Falkirk's Indie Rock outfit Primes formed after three of them kept bumping into each other around the local music scene. They started up their own act and continued as a trio until this year when they added their newest member Ray to expand their sound. As a band, especially now with the extra instrumental potential of having four members, they produce a huge noise. Big, punchy drums and thickly layered Alt Rock riffs that soar high. Given their Scottish origins, the comparison between them and The Snuts is somewhat inevitable and perhaps lazy. Yet, there latest single 'Talk Too Much' really does ring of their fellow Scots.

Previously, their releases have focused heavily on their overlapping vocal harmonies but, although these offer a lovely texture throughout the verse, this new track focuses more the dancy instrumentals and one central chorus line that begs to be sang back! It is this expansive, euphoric Indie sound that is very reminiscent of The Snuts, particularly the song 'Glasgow' so don't be surprised if you see Primes begin a similar trajectory. 'Talk Too Much' uses their new member to great effect and offers a level of instrumental density that they couldn't achieve before. The Indie dancefloor rhythm maintains a good energy throughout yet it is the joyful chorus that will really stick on your head!


Bollo Bollo

Now we enter a dreamier state with Buckinghamshire's Bollo Bollo. Formed at the very start of the pandemic, this new project lands in the smoother side of Indie with a style that is largely constructed by their sun-drenched guitar patterns that intertwine at ease. Their breakout track 'Mental Mirror' is an introspective cut as the name suggests. It has a really vibey groove that stays solid, allowing the guitars and vocals to float around and feel more loose. The lyrics are quite tightly tangled as it sometimes enters a satisfyingly fast flow that injects a little dose of energy into the mix.

Their latest release 'Liquid Heaven' is again appropriately named as it is very lucid yet bright and more outgoing than 'Mental Mirror'. The vocals are crisp and have a really catchy tone throughout but it is the finale that makes this track stand out. It The repeated vocal line builds, gaining passion up towards a final chorus. By then, you feel like you have this coiled energy that is ready to spring out. This will be perfect for a live setting!


Low Lying Sun

Essex group Low Lying Sun only emerged last November and may only have two singles to their name but they have already made their manifesto very clear. They write songs that are cinematic, packed with drama and tap into your deepest emotions. Their debut release 'Car Crash' demonstrated a good range, flicking between low key atmospheres centred around the impressively heartfelt vocal palette and more built up fuzzy Rock moments.

However, their new track 'Hymn To Say Goodbye' takes things to another level. The sharp riff that runs over the top of a heavier Rock grumble is instantly captivating. You can feel just from the intro that this track is going to stir powerful emotions and leave an audible imprint. Like their first single, the verses focus more on the character of the vocals that have a beautiful earthy quality similar to Alt-J at times. Then they suddenly leap out of their warm confines into a shattering chorus with raw passionate vocals and an electrifying blend of ascending guitars. This is destined to be the soundtrack to the crucial turning point in the next best Indie film but in the mean time you can let it soundtrack your own existence and let it elevate your day to day actions into a cinematic experience.


The Waah-Kin Tribe

As soon as the new single from Scunthorpe's The Waah-Kin Tribe opens up its bouncy rhythm you can sense the confident Indie lad swagger that you are about to encounter. 2021 was a quiet year that produced no new music from the trio. However, they have been working hard behind the scenes and have barreled into 2022 with two new tracks. The most recent of which, 'Who Loves It' certainly has enough character pouring out of it to warrant this quick fire return to releasing music.

The track instantly instigates movement form the listener with the punchy, Punk infused drum sound which then develops into a really dancy rhythm creates a bouncy, high-energy atmosphere. It is funky, slick and packed full of a northern arrogance. It's anthemic approach to the instrumentals and fun, urban groove brings to mind the likes of The Skinner Brothers and The Assist. Yet, what makes this track so interesting is the contrast between light and dark. There are some really gritty guitar tones running through this, constant infectious to remind us of their Punk spirit. Yet the synth sounds that take over later in the song are really bright and offset the Rock tones with a happier atmosphere. A great showcase of their sound that allows their character to shine through.




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