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Check out our top 3 artist picks this month!


Amber T

From the early sounds of Singer-songwriter Amber T it was pretty impossible to pin down what kind of musical direction she wanted to go in. However, this is more than understandable for an artist who has broken onto the scene at just 17! Now, her latest few singles are beginning to show a more cohesive trend and its a trend that we love. Her collaboration with Galaxy Thief earlier this year took on a much more authentic tone and saw her ever present vocal honesty meet a swelling Rock instrumentation. It felt more truthful and and more revealing than her earliest work.

Now, her brand new track 'Get Me' has landed and showcased what the young artist is capable of! It is certainly her most accomplished song to date, both in arrangement and in her vocal ability. Opening with a stripped back, intriguing intro reminiscent of Sara Rachele's 'Still Alive', the track then explodes into an anthemic chorus. The video above does well to showcase the intimacy of the track, as it really does feel as if you've been let inside her mind for the track's duration. The instrumentation is a big, swirling Rock sound yet it is her vocals that really steal the show. Her powerful vocal delivery shines above the rest of the sound, dragging the track into a poignant and uplifting sonic realm. With this new found confidence in her musical style and with the backing of Yamaha Music London you can be sure that she has something special to come.


Beige Banquet

London's Post-Punk outfit Beige Banquet are quite the opposite of what their name would suggest. Their sound is bubbling with life in a whirling concoction of fuzzy Garage-rock guitars and a trademark mix of natural and electronic, 'Blue Monday' esc, drums which builds a really dense instrumentation that you can easily get lost in.

Their short and snappy debut album 'Beta', released earlier this year, was a rolling constant buzz of hypnotic Punk rhythms and sporadic vocal phrasings. It was more of an atmospheric journey that delved into gritty Psych loops at points and acted as a great teaser for the vibes that the band are all about.

However, their latest single 'AWAKE' offers a more direct sonic hit. Although it still displays all the characteristics of their previous work, it is slightly crisper with more range in its structure. The vocals are much more prominent too, taking on a punchy, fast and disjointed intertwining flow. It is a great teaser for what may be to come but for now, get adding this to any Post-Punk playlist in sight as it is one of the best new Post-Punk samplings we have come across.


Tom Bradley Jr.

In contrast to the dark hypnosis of Beige Banquet is Singer-songwriter Tom Bradley Jr who offers a sound that is instead filled with clean positivity yet just as vibrant. It is refreshing to come across a modern songwriter who is wholly that, focused on the raw power his vocals and instrumentals can make, yet without heading down either the Pop or Folk routes. His sound is a melodic, stripped back version of Rock that instead of relying on heavy guitar riffs and powerful drums utilities the natural charisma of his piano and acoustic guitar in a style reminiscent of Ben Kweller.

The new single 'Second Chance' is only his second release but has already laid down a clear mark of what he is all about. Heartwarming chords and a rolling beat build to a soaring chorus that displays Tom's vocal range. It is smooth yet punchy and simply demonstrates quality songwriting. On top of this is the instrumentation that is dense and littered with intricate piano playing that occasionally stands out and fills all the gaps in the track. The song only builds in energy and grandiosity as the brass elements arrive and end the single with a rich texture of upbeat energy that you can just imagine getting even the most reserved of crowds bouncing to.




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