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BOOT WATCH: Discover our favourite new music this September!

Will and The People

After debuting with their eclectic Ska infused self titled record in 2011, Will and The People have developed towards a more Indie Pop led sound. There was a vast absence of new music since 2015's 'Whistleblower' however it seems they may be gearing up for a full on return, releasing 2 new singles this year. The most recent of which 'Animal' has pricked our ears as it shows signs of a really bright new direction for the band.

The track opens with an ethereal electronic landscape reminiscent of early Alt J tracks like 'Dissolve Me'. It feels like an emergence into a new world as if the sun is rising in your first morning in a new strange paradise as you are greeted with the lyrics "Welcome to Wonderland". It is intriguing and inviting, tempting you to relax in this blissful new sonic realm, yet it is deceptive and is a stark contrast to the meaning behind the track. The chorus reveals the beast below the surface and, as the song title suggests, turns wild and animalistic with huge synth melodies and thunderous soaring vocals. The video does well to translate the untethered conglomerate of sounds as the strobe lights create a visual representation of the bold and unpredictable nature of the track's biggest moments. 'Animal' has to be the boldest and most electrifying single that Will and The People have cooked up to date and provides huge excitement for what is to come.



With a confident string of lo-fi bedroom Rock singles in 2020, Halifax singer/songwriter Ellur has earned both local and national recognition, gaining support from Spotify on multiple playlists that pit her new song alongside some of the UKs best solo female talents such as girl in red, Holly Humberstone and PIXEY. She has continued this form this year with her most vibrant and colourful single to date, 'Moments'.

At its base, the song is intimate, with her vocals holding an audible thoughtfulness and sensibility. The low key introspective word play makes the sound comparable to the likes of Phoebe Green & Abbie Ozard, however the instrumentals transform these vocals into a much brighter and performative display, mainly the synth melody that you would expect to hear from the likes of Indie giants Inhaler. This bright instrumental backing elevates the early atmosphere of the entire track from a bedroom pop creation to a night time driving anthem. Ellur then quickly catches up to this injection energy herself and by the end her vocals are just as cutting and expressive as the instrumentals, offering us the most passionate delivery that we have seen across her whole discography. If she can maintain this development and hit us with another banger before 2021 is out then she'll be a huge one to watch for 2022.


The Bugles

There is something hugely onomatopoeic about the new Indie Rock anthem from The Bugles. The track 'Waves' comes off their new EP with the same title and it delivers exactly what it says on the tin. The verses are made up from punchy social commentary spat out with a cocky venom. This angst is present throughout the whole track, never dropping to allow you a moment's breath, yet it is still the chorus that really grabs your attention. The verse continually builds in tension before the words "crashes down like waves" do just that. They shatter through the sound as an Oasis esc Britpop cacophony washes of you.

In terms of the EP on a whole, it carries much of this in-your-face energy throughout. 'AV' is the other standout track packing a funky swagger that rings of early Red Hot Chilli Peppers. The EP is actually quite a fork in the road for the band as, much like Will and The People, there initial success was born out of their Ska influenced sound. This new collection of tracks has captured the energy and flavour of the bopping Ska vibe and injected it into a gritty Indie setting and by the sounds of it, it is working!




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