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BOOT WATCH DECEMBER 2021: Discover PleasureInc, Strange Dimensions & LibraLibra


Alt-pop due PleasureInc will still yield an empty search on your streaming services yet they are without doubt one of then hottest acts to watch out for as we head into 2022. Already they have amassed a sizeable following and have a string of big live shows booked in including support for LIFE and a headline gig in their hometown of Norwich. But why all the hype if they haven't released a single track? Well, if the bright blonde mullet, leather jackets and array of brightly coloured shades doesn't grab your attention, their 20 second teasers certainly will. Their Instagram posts offer a snippet of their vibrant debut single 'Money Talks' and luckily for you, there isn't long to wait before it finally sees the light of day.

The new track is out tomorrow and is available for pre-save now! It has a colourful instrumental concoction running throughout and is built around a slick electro groove and an energy inducing drum pattern while a crisp guitar line slices through if and when it chooses. Sonically it is reminiscent of Bad Sounds with the two vocals offering both pop melodies and cool urban swagger. The verses are bright and build a smooth musical palette with a varied subtle instrumentation that creates a very full texture before the more dancy chorus swoops in and get hips shaking. Of course, this is only one track but is a great sign of what is to come and should make 2022 an exciting year for the duo.


Strange Dimensions

Emerging from the small western town of Greenock, Scotland, are the brand new Indie Rock quartet Strange Dimensions. The four are still only just 18 and it shows in the best way possible. Their actual songwriting and musical style radiates a maturity far above their age yet they posses an obvious love for music that can escape older artists. They are at that stage when they haven't been bitten by the music industry and have no sense of bitterness to the scene around them. They are just teenagers with a huge appreciation for music who are capturing the sounds of their favourite bands and putting them into their own care free project.

This sense of freedom can be felt in their debut single 'The Dregs' released at the end of October. It is a track that is instantly warm and charming. The chord progression sparks feelings of lazy summers and coming-of-age memories. Jangly guitars combine with the laid back vocal phrasing of Paul Leslie, pouring little doses of all their modern influences (The Strokes, The Snuts...) into one. Although it is hard to say based of just one track, their sound bares a distinct resemblance to DMA's. The bright summer atmosphere that puts a modern twist on the classic Manchester sound is pierced by a crisp lead guitar that plays around within the walls of the song, creating constant melody and never stagnating. The band state themselves that they hope to be up their with the likes of bands that they have continually followed live such as DMA's and Inhaler. Apart from their music it is this lack of pomposity in their manor that makes Strange Dimensions so appealing. Some bands can come across like they are trying to become their rockstar idols but end up gaining the rockstar mentality before they have any of the talent or recognition. Yet these guys are just music lovers who you can find in the moshpit of your favourite live shows. So why not show them some love and go and join in one of theirs!



If there is one thing that Brighton Rockers LibraLibra aren't it is subtle. Both in appearance and musical style they are bold and uncompromising. They describe themselves as a chaotic postmodern Frankenstein's monster and you can see why. They do feel like an amalgamation of different styles, all enhanced and twisted before being bolted together in a beautifully unhinged fashion. It is commonly said that artists are genre bending but their is nothing that has room to bend in the LibraLibra sound. The music is pushed further, to the point where genre snapping might be more appropriate.

Their latest single 'Candy Mountain' is no exception. The hard-hitting drum beat is spliced by the erratic high pitched vocals that attack the speakers. A few strange electro elements join the mix as well as a rough grumbling guitar line that adds a darker taste to the bubbling concoction. The most striking thing about this track is that it never stays still - every little guitar flick, vocal flow or electronic texture is gone before you have had time to adjust. This keeps your mind whiring from start to finish as Art Rock, Punk and Industrial sounds all bound along, crashing into each other along the way. Although all pieces of the track truly meld into one vibrant intentional mess it is the vocals that stand out. The angsty style and impressive range is reminiscent of Wolf Alice vocalist Ellie Rowsell elevates the impact of the track. These guys are certainly an eye opener to offer contrast to all the easily digestible Christmas singles!




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