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Sweet Crisis

Classic Rock enthusiasts Sweet Crisis offer a sonic swagger in line with the lyrical manifesto "If it ain't got soul, I don't wanna know" that is laid out in their latest release. The new single 'Ain't Got Soul' begins with a cinematic string-backed opening which almost feels like an electrified version of Mia & Sebastian's theme from La La Land. Yet, this gentle sunset sound is swiftly replaced by a the huge grizzly riff and bouncing drum sound.

It is an open love letter to Rock and Roll and tells anyone listening exactly what the band feel music should be about. Their love for the genre is channeled through the cinematic Rock sound delivered with passion and drenched in soul. The vocals stand-out as every word is delivered with a punch. This bold Rock feel is nothing new for Sweet Crisis however. Their previous releases have a similar level of arrogance running through them; a fizzing ball of Rock and Roll flair that needs to be spat out! With live music fully open again, these are certainly one to catch live.


The Howlers

Although heavily inspired by the sounds of America's West Coast, The Howlers hail from London. You can gather their style pretty instantly even just by looking at them. They come straight out of a coastal surf rock world with their rolling drums and Psych guitar dynamics.

Their new track 'Never Enough' is the third single to come from their upcoming EP. The three tracks tie in perfectly with each other. The first 'I Don't Love You All The Time' is driven by an instantly catchy riff with some tight Surf guitar stabs mixed in to give that true retro tone and closes with a mesmerizing back and forth between the drums and guitar. However, it is the new single that has to be the standout of the three. It showcases the vocal twang that makes The Howlers distinctive and lays a constant piano line underneath the chorus to keep a perpetual energy rolling throughout. Although this is 100% an American sound we are hoping that they can lead the charge of a new UK trend of artists to bend from the current Post-Punk frenzy and combine it with a Surf influenced style...that could be really exciting.



Novacain dive straight into the peak mid 00's era of Indie Rock on their new single 'Shine On Me', blending the summer festival vibes of The Kooks & The View with the extravagant brass twists of The Fratellis. The track is littered with interplaying guitar lines and crisp energetic drums. The atmosphere remains positive throughout as they play with a mixture of catchy Indie feel-good sounds.


Unlike many bands, Novacain don't claim to be unique and innovative. They state themselves that they make music that you have heard before...but they do it well! They make music for the next wave of Indie Rock converts who want to revel in the sweaty underground clubs and sing out catchy chorus' packed with energy. It's a formula that has been working for decades but it is one that never fails to get a crowd jumping and Novacain seem to have this formula cracked!


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