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BOOT WATCH April 2022 - Our 4 favourite new artists of the month ft. Greta Isaac, Lana Roche & more!

Greta Isaac

By far one of the most exciting new solo artists in the UK right now is Greta Isaac. Her bold brand of Electro Pop is vibrant and powerful. After the swelling vocal led singles such as ‘how are you not freaking out’ established the talent of her voice she has now turned to a more built up sound that combines her beautiful vocal tones with a crashing instrumentation. ‘NUH UH’ had a cool swagger, with crisp electronic and guitar melodies flavouring a thick drum groove.

However, her new single ‘PAYRI$E’ takes things to a whole level. It instantly demands your attention with its pulsating electronic drones. Greta then takes charge and demonstrates her impressive vocal range and audible confidence. Her words are delivered with swagger once again but the moment that may be most exciting is the tightly rolled, almost rap like flow in the pre-chorus that is brief but wraps around the beat so succinctly and injects a beautiful angst into the mix. The power of her vocals then combines with a anthemic electro pop attack. Warped synths, soaring vocal layers and a thumping beat all combine to produce sound that will make your eyes widen and your ears want more and more. An absolute banger here!



An in your face Garage quartet might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Margate’s Sandy beaches. However Nonoyesmaybe are injecting a high octane rock energy into their Seaside hometown. With only two tracks to their name they have already laid down a clear marker of the noise they intend to make.

Their debut release 'Take It or Leave It' came with a driving momentum and offered big Rock melodies hidden behind hectic punky instrumentation. Now, their new single 'Always Get Ur Way' is a bit more refined and focuses around the punchy vocal title line. The open the proceedings in classic rock style with their pounding tom beat before the riff comes crashing in to thicken things up. It is straight forward mosh pit inducing music. However, when the chorus line comes around the energy switches into quite a dancy feel while still maintaining the force and aggression it started with. This crazy high energy dancy rock vibe is reminiscent of bands like High Tyde that are famous for their live shows. This is definitely one to see live!


Bailey Tomkinson

Cornish singer songwriter Bailey Tomkinson first gained attention when she rose to the top of the iTunes video charts as an unsigned and unmanaged artist. Her voice is instantly captivating with its powerful, rousing resonance. Some have described her as the UK’s answer to Taylor Swift as she blends warming commercial vocals with hints of Americana and coastal tones that align with her hometown. However, her songs often explore more down to earth and undramatised atmospheres while still radiating a similar majesty.

Her newest release, ‘Can’t Lose’, heads down a more Indie route with the instrumentals initially setting a tone that adequately matches the Pinterest esc artwork of Bailey sat with her vinyl collection. The acoustic and electric guitars tangle together nicely forming a care free, winding pattern. However, as the track develops the power of the instrumentals grows exponentially. Bailey sings in a deep and passionate tone throughout and by the finalé the thumping drums, backing vocals and bright brass backing manage to create an empowering wall of sound to match it. If you want a bold and captivating vocalist that is backed by uplifting high energy then Bailey Tomkinson is for you!


Lana Roche

Last but not least this month we have London-based Lana Roche who has just arrived with her debut single, 'Inner Craze'. The self confessed tomato juice obsessive aims to combine the poetic French flare of her mother with the deep Rock appreciation of her father whilst blending in elements of her eclectic personality build from constant travelling and battles with sexual identity and mental health. You can hear this intended blend come through in her first release as it combines some melodic thoughtfulness with intense gritty atmospheres.

'Inner Craze' opens with loose acoustic jangle that has hints of gloomy Grunge tones which are matched by Lana's dark and angsty vocal mumble. The tracks then explodes into an instrumental frenzy that does the song title justice. A thick of wall of distortion sits in front of haunting vocal cries and a subtle synth melody. When the vocals reemerge that carry an arrogant freedom, landing whenever they please with a confident growl reminiscent of Courtney Barnett's most punk numbers. Throughout the duration, the music is always loud an always dense. A harsh lead guitar pierces the sound later on to close the Whirlpool of noise with grand effect and leave a lasting mark. A fantastically noisey debut that promises so much more in the months to come.


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