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BOOT WATCH: 4 of our favourite new music discoveries this September!

The Silver Bars

The Silver Bars' new single 'So it Goes' is an energetic, ballsy track. It starts with a hooky, urgent guitar, backed by a boisterous bassline that skitters around your ears. The five-piece, who hail from Barrow-in-Furness, are going from strength to strength this year. Their EP 'No Luxuries' came out at the start of 2021, followed by singles 'Big Part, The Morning', and 'The Long Night', the latter being a very impressive five-minute track, with Dylan Grafton’s vocals echoing those of Alex Turner’s in places.

'So it Goes' is another unique, fearless stomper they can add to their arsenal. The first time the chorus comes around, most of the heavy production falls away and is driven along by the drums, making it spacious. Grafton’s vocals are endlessly entertaining to listen to, and there is certainly never a dull syllable.

Then, around the halfway mark of the song, things seriously pick up, and the glorious chaos is sustained throughout the rest of the track. Everything briefly slows down during the perfectly formed bridge before exploding once again. The last 20 seconds of the song sound like jumping up and down at a tightly packed gig, bodies jostling against each other. Just as frantically as it started, the song ends, somewhat abruptly, and we are jolted back into reality. “So it goes” Grafton roars, as if delivering an anthemic conclusion.

Shelf Lives

London duo Shelf Lives seem to have emerged at a rapid pace over the last two years, releasing a string of singles and a mini-album ‘Yes, offence’ earlier this year. Yet, when you have such a furious, barrelling energy as they clearly do, why take your time with showing that to the world? Their tantalisingly gritty electro Punk blend has all the dance worthy energy that you would associate with a high octane electronic outfit while providing a snarling Punk Rock attitude that is thrown right in your face.

Their latest single ‘Skirts & Salads’ is a viscous burst of social commentary, discussing the countless and unrelenting societal pressures that they have faced and repeating the line “I love my girls like that” with an impassioned venom. The production is dense and grumbling, brining to mind the likes of Kid Kapichi or fellow southern upcomers SNAYX. Vocally, there is an ounce of sass and an unmeasurable amount of agrresion that will get you up out of your seat and chanting those words back in no time. The fiery combination of this vicious vocal delivery and pulse raising electro Punk rhythm may leave you cowering in the corner but craving more like Stockholm syndrome in sonic form.


Following their previous release ‘1977’, London’s Indie Rock, Post-Punk outfit ‘Gardening’ are back with their newest single, ‘Relapse’. Coming together in 2019, the band used the downtime of the pandemic to emotionally connect and return to the music scene with a refreshed sense of style. The band take us on an emotional rollercoaster throughout ‘Relapse’, with its angry lyrics and contrasting instrumentation and textures.

The song begins with muted drums, energetic rhythmic guitar, and subdued gritty vocals, almost distorted in nature. A dark and tense atmosphere is created in the verses, which is almost flipped on its head when we reach the chorus, replaced by a dreamier and more uplifting soundscape. These interwoven energies make for an unpredictable and unique track, enhanced by the interjecting bell tones and whip-like sound effects.

This edgy feeling of unpredictability is emphasised by the music's structure; pulling back slowly, just to return dramatically with full force. This impressive single will keep anyone on their toes, building further excitement for what’s to come from this fiery ensemble!


After releasing their first single in March 2022, German five-piece Kabinett havereleased a melodically refreshing EP of Indie Pop. Opening, title track 'Mackie’s Comin’' sets the tone for the EP with its unique compositions of synthesizer sounds and smooth guitar riffs that perfectly entangle with the bass and drum. The feel of the deep, blues vocals adds to the sound's richness which we hear more of in 'Feather Age'.

Tracks 'Jomeri' and 'Blueberry Lips' shift the tempo; with the increase use of synthesizer sounds and guitar, the songs encompass a more mellow vibe that will have listeners enchanted with the smoky vocals. Debut single 'Chloe B' also has factors contributing to a more mellow rhythm, and despite this, the tracks transcend with the added instrumental force – this leaves the EP ending on that same feel-good note as it started with. Kabinett embody an individual blend of Funk, Garage Rock, and indie electro that’ll instantly boost your mood.



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