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BOOT WATCH: 4 amazing new artists for you to discover this August!


One of our favourite new discoveries of 2022 has to be the electronically powered, full throttle project Heddlu who blend high-energy rhythms with a synth-led drama that creates a punchy and immersive sound. Heddlu is the new project from Estrons frontman Rhodri Daniel. Following on from the attention-grabbing single 'Auto-Da-Fé' he released his debut album 'Cantref' last month.

As well as switching between titles in Welsh an English, the album flicks between some more abstract electronic soundscapes on the album's opener 'Descensionist' and album interlude 'Benthic' as well as some more direct Electro Indie stompers. 'Cantref Gwaelod' is packed full of soaring synth lines that transport you into a cosmic realm while the single 'Locker' is a thumping Rock anthem infused with the album's warped electronic sound to produced a Kasabian esc sound. Just the thought of some of these tracks being played in a sweaty club will get you mosh pit lovers tingling with anticipation.

Burning Juniper

Blending a sonic poignancy and gloomy Indie Rock atmosphere, the new single, 'She Changes The Weather', from London's Burning Juniper is infectiously melancholic for the majority of its duration. The bittersweet guitar line would sit equally as comfortably on a Fontaines D.C. album as it would on early 90s/late 00s Britpop albums from the likes of The Verve or Coldplay. The song is a nostalgic love song about the ending of a relationship and the ensuing mixed emotions in which feelings of resentment are combined with acknowledgement of the good times in the past. The band like to think of it as a song about a break up where a person can still see the good that comes from a relationship.

This hint of optimisim is reflected in the final third of the track as it opens up into an uplifting, swelling insrumental full of emotion. The weather changing sentiment is still present but it is af the first glimspes of shunshune are seen here thanks to the anthemic, powering drums and the warm backing harmonies. The track's noticeable refined production is thanks to Josh Tyrrell who has worked with the likes of Lana Del Rey, Mark Ronson and Tony Visconti. The band have the knowledge and experience of Tyrrell on their next single too so keep your eyes peeled!

Plastic Cowboys

Although many of their past singles are based of youthful energy, messy, Pete Doherty esc swagger, catchy riffs and sing-a-long lyrics, Irish outfit Plastic Cowboys aren't your typical Indie band. Their new single 'Mundane Ecstasy' is the perfect demonstration of the layers of songwriting depth that make them so appealing.

The vocals and lyrics carry a great level of thoutfulness to them than you would often find from a young band. A characterful charm that you may often associate more with Folk runs throughout the vocals and gives them a very poignant tone. The distinctive, memorable riff is the same, offering a really emotive quality that far surpasses a throw away Indie hit. However there are still plenty of catchy elements to this track. The chorus is a sing-a-long belter and the guitar solo is electrifying meaning that they find a balance of mature, considered songwriting and ear worming Indie elements. Certainly ones to watch!


Perhaps Manchester's leading stake in the new Post-Punk scene is the sparky emerging quintet Soup!. After a string of quirky, groove-laden, Yard Act esc singles the band most recently released 'Only Time', their most vibrant track to date. It radiated an infectious funkability with its up-tempo beat and clean guitar riffs. The contrast between the intentional vocal monotony, sunken-eyed vocal charisma and upbeat, danceable instrumentals made it a fantastic addition to their discography and audible evidence of their development as a band.

Now, they have returned with the new single 'Daily Bread' which continues to demonstrate a growing evolution within their songwriting. Filled with angsty intentions and angular, relentless rhythms this track pops straight out of the speaker and sees the band more fierce than we've ever seen them! Percussively, it has a bouncing danceability while the guitars and warped synth sounds innate a frenzied madness comparable to fellow Post Punk newcomers Home Counties. The vocals are aggressive and delivered with intent. It may be short in duration but it is huge in impact, a fantastically direct track with loads to digest. These guys are really maturing in their ability now!


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