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Discover Aussie Surf Pop outfit Blanco Tranco

'Take Care of Yourself', Blanco Tranco's Surf Pop single spirals into a strong stance of New Wave Indie, sanguine and harmonised, like the opening credits of a 90s teen movie. The first four chords are lightly reminiscent of The Smiths's 'Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now'. However, as the lilting introduction spills into an upbeat dance rhythm, the lead vocalist Tiff Brown seems to embody the dreamlike vulnerability of Mazzy Star. The Post-Punk pounding of drums emulates the Seattle Grunge scene, overwhelming you with nostalgia and a Brit-Pop-esque vibrancy that is hard to replicate in the modern day.

The aching lyricism explores both anxiety, and the evocative nature of femininity. The tender promise "it's so worth it not to be hurting" exhibits raw, unadulterated emotion that submerges itself between layers of glossy guitar choruses. The vocals are beautifully light and uncommitted, maintaining a sense of fragility throughout, yet never diverging into the world of Bubblegum Pop.

Blanco Tranco have reclaimed 90s nostalgia with a uniquely poetic edge, and unapologetic style. 'Take Care of Yourself' serenely addresses the horror and hurt of humanity. You can't help but smile gleamingly at this breakthrough of idiosyncratic talent; a love letter to the golden age of Pop.

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