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Australian trio PEPTALK release empowering Pop Rock anthem 'Close Friend'!

Female Aussie trio PEPTALK emerged last year with a strong run of singles that combined the punchy, loud energy of Rock with undeniably catchy Pop sensibilities. 'Hey!' is an infectious Pop banger and gained them a lot of attention nationally. However, they have really stepped things up in 2023 and have began to raise grace the speakers of the UK and America. Their latest offering is 'Close Friend', a single that follows their trajectory of leaning into eclectic Dance Pop instrumentation that elevates their wonderfully bright vocal harmonies.

The synth melodies in the track are bright and playful while popping cowbell hits and a slick percussive groove add to this vibrant sonic flavour in the verses. Meanwhile, all three members weave layers of backing harmonies together to create a beautiful sonic web. This makes for a really smooth and engaging soundscape that is easy to get behind, yet, it is the chorus that really lifts this track off.

Huge instrumental stabs create a stadium-ready clean Rock sound while the vocals soar higher and higher with an empowering energy that demands to be sang along to! We love the way that these guys are developing. With each release their arrangement has more finesse, their instrumentation is denser with layers of melodic interest and their vocals are just as crisp and catchy as ever!


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