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Australian Indie Pop outfit San Cisco release four new killer singles!

The indie musings of Aussie trio San Cisco are so smooth and so undeniably catchy that you can’t help but be hooked in from the very first seconds of listening. Their recent single ‘Under The Light’ is the latest in a run of four tracks that demonstrate everything the band have to offer and highlight why they are one of Australia’s brightest new indie prospects.

The atmosphere of this latest single is super bright and pop orientated that every vocal line and every instrumental hook lands so smoothly on the ear. The beat offers a good energy that has a dance worthy potential while the multiple vocal layers deliver slick indie melodies that have a lucid, dreamy quality that invites you to get lost in the sound. However, what really sets this track alight is the bright synth tones that produce powerful, joyous hooks that make this track soar! It’s the perfect track to get the late night energy started thanks to its commercial leanings, high energy and infectious melody.

Previous releases such as ‘Honeycomb’ and ‘Horoscope’ carry a more abstract vibe with echoed vocal and guitar sounds and layers of swirling electro textures that create a more Tame Impala feel. Whereas their single ‘Lost Without You’ provides a more direct, catchy indie sound with some beautifully nostalgic and heartwarming instrumental tones and an uplifting vocal style perfect for a summer road trip. There’s so much to enjoy with this band so get stuck in and sample their vast array of sounds!


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