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Australian Bedroom Pop songwriter Noah Bates releases new single 'Coffee In Japan'!

When you first here the words Bedroom Pop you may think of insular, atmospheric sounds wrapped laptop beats and noodling guitar lines, however, Aussie songwriter Noah Bates produces a much more visceral, raw and expansive version of the genre that will draw you in close before exploding into life. This is perfectly demonstrated on his debut single 'Coffee In Japan'.

The track does begin with a stripped back sound, focusing on the pure acoustic strum and Noah's smooth Indie vocal lines. However, the production brings these two elements to life, giving them a very direct, natural tone to make you feel that you are right there in the room as Noah plays. These vocal lines are super catchy, yet they stay pretty reserved in the early stages, building tension and filling you with anticipation for what is to come.

As the tight electric guitar line creeps in and the percussion slowly starts to grow you are assured that something big is about to happen...and you are not disappointed. Around the 2 minute mark the track soars into a high-energy, bittersweet chorus filled with swirling electro textures that give it a slightly nostalgic, late-night feel. Noah manages to combine, the contemplative emotion of bedroom songwriting with a dance-worthy


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