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Aussie songwriter Ti Vonne releases debut single 'Why Didn’t You'!

One of our favourite new songwriters emerging from Australia this year is Melbourne-based Ti Vonne. Her music is rooted in deep emotions and focused around the pure, natural power of her voice. Although she has just one single to her name, the track demonstrates both her ability to dictate atmosphere with her commanding vocals and her strength in sonic arrangement and composition as it is the use of layered background instrumentals that really elevates her sound.

In her own words, Ti's new single 'Why Didn’t You' depicts the breakdown of trust within a long-distance relationship and poured out of her after a writing session in which she had been challenged with matching unnatural melodies & rhythms together. This kind be heard in the backdrop of this track as the percussive rhythm is actually quite a South American style beat yet, the warm, organic tone and slowed down pace of it creates more of a cinematic, journeying feel to it. It places a sense of tension on the track, hinting that the poignancy will continue to develop as Ti explores the lyrical emotions further and further. Having said this, the track is still fully focused on Ti's vocals that show a great range. They are soft and intimate when needed and powerful when delivering the most sentimental of lines. The piano tone has a melancholic yet forceful feel to it as though it is digging deep into your soul. Meanwhile, guitar lines and atmospheric electronic hums add the final touch of immersive, delicate sounds to transport you into Ti Vonne's captivating musical world.

A fantastic debut that signals great things to come!


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