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Aussie Garage Rock collective Velociraptor return with new single 'Computer Future Pt 1'!

Having been writing and recording for over a decade, Aussie outfit Velociraptor are no strangers to writing fuzzy Rock hits. Having constantly morphed into different forms, once being a collective of 12 people, they are now a 10-piece ensemble and have returned with their new track 'Computer Future Pt 1' ahead of their new album.

The track has a supercharged production that instantly strikes you with its sheer weight and sonic impact. The drums and guitars have their trademark fuzz, yet with an added power and bite to them that makes the rhythm and riff burst with energy.

The flair of the lyrical delivery and guitar line rings slightly of modern Post-Punk / Art-Rock due to the angular approach yet the echo of the huge vocal lines has a slight Psych tinge.

Energy is in abidance and the benefit of having so many members allows the sound to feel wonderfully dense. This collective feel also enhances the vocal calls as you can hear multiple different vocal lines coming together to to form a forceful chorus.

A fantastically punchy track that has got us excited for their new album.


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