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Aussie Audio: 5 of the most exciting Australian Indie newcomers!

San Cisco

The indie musings of Aussie trio San Cisco are so smooth and so undeniably catchy that you can’t help but be hooked in from the very first seconds of listening. Their recent single ‘Under The Light’ is the latest in a run of four tracks that demonstrate everything the band have to offer and highlight why they are one of Australia’s brightest new indie prospects.

The atmosphere of this latest single is super bright and pop orientated that every vocal line and every instrumental hook lands so smoothly on the ear. The beat offers a good energy that has a dance worthy potential while the multiple vocal layers deliver slick indie melodies that have a lucid, dreamy quality that invites you to get lost in the sound. However, what really sets this track alight is the bright synth tones that produce powerful, joyous hooks that make this track soar! It’s the perfect track to get the late night energy started thanks to its commercial leanings, high energy and infectious melody.

Previous releases such as ‘Honeycomb’ and ‘Horoscope’ carry a more abstract vibe with echoed vocal and guitar sounds and layers of swirling electro textures that create a more Tame Impala feel. Whereas their single ‘Lost Without You’ provides a more direct, catchy indie sound with some beautifully nostalgic and heartwarming instrumental tones and an uplifting vocal style perfect for a summer road trip. There’s so much to enjoy with this band so get stuck in and sample their vast array of sounds!

Molly Mollington

One of our favourite new Australian Indie discoveries has to be the Indie Pop songwriter Molly Millington who seems to be creating banger after banger! Combining astute lyrical observations of human emotion with infectious Pop melodies, Molly is creating an irresistible sonic concoction that will have you dancing around your room in no time! Her latest single 'Foreign Accent' is perhaps our favourite so far and is the perfect introduction for any newcomers as to what Molly has to offer.

As a testament to how catchy her tracks always are, it is fitting that the new single opens with the chorus melody, one that will instantly stick in your head and refuse to leave for days! The layered vocals create a sense that it is being sang by a group full of people which radiates an audible camaraderie and, together with the echoed electronic production, builds a dance inducing sound to kick off the track.

The verses are crisp and tight, creating a nice rhythm that will hook you in while allowing plenty of room to showcase the versatility of Molly's vocals as well as her poignant lyrical sentiments about diving headfirst into unknown territory. Yet, it is the chorus that will truly stay with you. Filled with a punchy, high energy drum rhythm and a dense web of textured Indie sounds, you feel completely enraptured by the sonic atmosphere that is built up. The twinkling electronic sounds add a cute, dreamy texture while the lead vocals soar delivering that infectious chorus with power and finesse.

Molly is one of the most exciting new Aussie stars and definitely one to watch as she continues to grow.

Jet City Sports Club

From the very first moments of the new single 'Drug Store (Waste My Time)' from Jet City Sports Club you are captivated by the beautifully delicate vocal tones. The instrumentation begins stripped back with just a simple bass line allowing the vocals to shine, and shine they do! They are gentle and intimate while also offering a fantastic catchy melody and after hearing the first few lines you are well and truly hooked!

Energy is then injected into the track in the form of a deep rolling percussive rhythm and here, the vocals beautifully adapt their tone to a slightly deeper and more melancholic melodic pattern, matching the feel of the instrumentals to build tension for what is a truly dreamy chorus.

A dense backdrop of a gritty Rock riff and punchy drum sound give the chorus a power that makes you stand up and listen, but yet again it is the vocals that really capture your attention. They have that wonderful blend of being soft and angelic while also being really impactful. The bright vocal melody is undeniably catchy and it is elevated by the leading guitar hook that adds a little more edge and passion into the mix.

The instrumental break later in the track does this to an even more impressive degree as all instrumentals ramp up their force for a fantastic guitar solo that doesn't try too hard, but rather wraps you up in a hypnotic hook filled with electrifying tones.

Ethereal aesthetics and angsty power combine in perfect balance on this track, definitely a band to discover!

Holly Wild

Acclaimed Aussie Pop songwriter Holly Wild makes music flooding with a carefree, joyous energy reflective of the beautiful coastlines on which she writes. Past hits such as 'Messy' and 'Inside My Head' dance between funky, free-spirited Pop hooks and angsty, sentimental musings while radiating a distinctly 90s tone that will make you want to dance around your bedroom belting out the words into the nearest hairbrush. Her new single 'Hard To Love' lies on the more sentimental side as the name suggests, yet the melodies that flow throughout it are truly uplifting as they combat inner hurt with sonic joy.

Produced by world renowned David Arkwright (Bella Porch, Nick Jonas), the track has a refined Pop sound that is radio-ready. The chorus is an earworming, anthemic barrel of lyrical questioning delivered with beautiful melody that will stick with you and make you want to hit that replay button again and again! The early moments are stripped back, focusing attention Holly's powerful, heartfelt and beautifully rich vocal tones. Dreamy guitars duck and weave around her voice before the punchy Pop rhythm kicks in. Slick synths create a sunny background texture and, when the chorus kicks in, a danceworthy rolling drum beat injects a fantastic energy to make the melodies hit even harder.

Holly Says about the origins of 'Hard to Love', "I know it sounds like I'm singing about my partner, but I actually wrote this song about my child. I don't think there is a parent alive that has not felt a pang of unappreciacion at some stage. At the heart of it, thats what this song is about... Feeling overlooked by the one you love the most".


Female Aussie trio PEPTALK emerged last year with a strong run of singles that combined the punchy, loud energy of Rock with undeniably catchy Pop sensibilities. 'Hey!' is an infectious Pop banger and gained them a lot of attention nationally. However, they have really stepped things up in 2023 and have began to raise grace the speakers of the UK and America. Their latest offering is 'Close Friend', a single that follows their trajectory of leaning into eclectic Dance Pop instrumentation that elevates their wonderfully bright vocal harmonies.

The synth melodies in the track are bright and playful while popping cowbell hits and a slick percussive groove add to this vibrant sonic flavour in the verses. Meanwhile, all three members weave layers of backing harmonies together to create a beautiful sonic web. This makes for a really smooth and engaging soundscape that is easy to get behind, yet, it is the chorus that really lifts this track off.

Huge instrumental stabs create a stadium-ready clean Rock sound while the vocals soar higher and higher with an empowering energy that demands to be sang along to! We love the way that these guys are developing. With each release their arrangement has more finesse, their instrumentation is denser with layers of melodic interest and their vocals are just as crisp and catchy as ever!

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