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Aussie Audio: 10 of the most exciting emerging Australian artists!


After releasing a succession of introspective Indie Pop singles under her own name, Lili Crane took the decision last year to take her musical career in a slightly different direction and launch the new project Daphzie. She began this new project by sharing 'Lemonade', the punchy single that was originally released under her old artist name. It felt as though she was signalling to all her fans that that single embodied the quirky, gritty yet melodic Indie style that she was set on creating. Now, she has delivered the first original track under her new Daphzie moniker, 'Be Here'.

The new song certainly does carry on in the same vain as her sonic msion statement 'Lemonade' by blending her smooth, commercial vocal tones with a thumping instrumentation. This harmonious yet forceful blend produced an atmosphere that is both uplifting and rebellious as well as personal and truly anthemic. Starting with just a gentle synth hum and Lili's warm, captivating vocals, it is instantly obvious that she doesn't always make the easy choices when songwriting. The vocal flow has more of a loose feel that makes the lyrics feel authentic and purposeful. You could be forgiven expecting a young female solo-artist to centre the music around her own vocals and performance yet, even though her vocals have a distinctive depth to them that makes them stand out, the full band sound is crucial here. The drums crash around and allow the guitar solo to shine through with real bite later in the track. Meanwhile, Lili sings with a silky smooth finesse that still packs a punch. This is defientnely one for putting on full blast and dancing around your bedroom too!


Wrapped in an a mythical mystique and allusive aura, Folk songwriter Hazlett has the perfect backstory to match the secluded, natural and intimate tones that his songs radiate. As a talented yet shy songwriter he began his career ghostwriting for bigger artists, honing his craft away from the public eye. However, talent as bright as his deserves to fly and thus, he made the dramatic switch of scenery and moved from his Australian home to the cold urban streets of Stockholm and began his solo career. Still without an album to his name, he has still amassed 10s of millions of streams as people continue to connect with his heartwarming songwriting.

Most recently, he has released a succession of three tracks that are perhaps is most expressive to date. 'Please Don't' feels like the soundtrack to a life affirming journey. The transition from rich, immersive acoustics to a euphoric wave of soaring electro textures and the lyrics "I'm going back home" makes you want to take a leap of faith and hit the open road without any knowledge of when you may return. 'Even If It's Lonely' has a blissful pulse to it that is more and more comforting the longer it goes on. Then, 'My Skin', the latest single, really showcases the appeal of his voice. It is filled with a characterful wisdom and reassuring warmth reminiscent of Nick Mulvey. It is a strange contrast in this context as the lyrics are heartbreaking yet the smooth tones and shuffling energy are heartwarming. It both breaks and meds your heart in one which is perhaps the most poignant emotive impact that a songwriter can make.

Chiffon Magnifique

Whether you like the industrial, haunting tones of the 80s version of Post-Punk, the ear worming, hypnotic riffs of early Post-Punk or the complex intertwining patterns of the new Post-Punk wave, the new project of Jed A. Walters has something for you! Chiffon Magnifique first appeared on the scene towards the end of last year with the debut single 'Abomination'. It was a debut that led with a gloomy synth hook that had an immersive drama to it that is hard to ignore. Now, the latest single 'Cyanide' has brought the same levels of drama along with a new, tangled web of energetic rhythms that will lose you in a sonic spiral.

The wirey tone of the perpetuating guitar line puts in mind the likes of Joy Division while the vocals are delivered with a deep, otherworldly disposition that seduces you with a Gothic caress. However, it is the drum patterns that really stand out on this. There is a mesmerising blend between natural sounding big drum stabs that match the guitar in the big moments and a more intricate electronic tangle of different rhythms, each as constant and dizzying as the last. Any fans of new Aussie star Johnny Hunter will love Chiffon Magnifique.

Tim Voilhat

With his irresistibly catchy Indie Pop melodies and vibrant social media presence, Tim Voilhat is truly an artist of the modern age. He uses platforms like Instagram to full effect, using the grid format to display his news in a style that is as big, bold and colourful as his music. One simple scroll down his page will explain what we mean here. Yet, this eye-catching, 21st century approach is not a mere gimic. It is a fantastic visual technique that draws you towards his music...and his music doesn't disappoint!

A stream of 2022 singles including his sunshine hit 'Poolside' have quickly made him one of the most sought after emerging Aussie performers and his latest release 'Houston' has continued his prolific streak. As you would expect from the striking colours of his artist aesthetic, the track is full of bright instrumentals that create a densely layered, party atmosphere full of funky guitar riffs and popping brass hooks perfect for summer. It is built with a dance structure, centred around big, infectious chorus' that radiate a purely feel-good, carefree energy that will make you want to quit your job and jet off to the furthest part island!

East Point

There is something so warm and comforting in the vocal tones of Darwin duo East Point that you can't help but get drawn into each word. There is a strange familiarity to the vocal delivery that it almost feels like you are hearing your best friend reveal their inner most thoughts to you, or, to go even father, perhaps an audible representation of your own personal thoughts, laid out in a rolling Indie melody. The pair have only one track to their name, yet it already provides an appealing snapshot of what may be to come.

It is the aforementioned vocals in this debut single 'Let's Go' that initially catch your attention. However, on further inspection it is evident that the smooth, coastal instrumental tones are crucial for maintaining the rolling energy providing a platform for the vocals to land softly yet impactfully on top. The track has an authentic story-telling atmosphere with a coming-of-age charm that many of Sam Fender's hits radiate. However, it isn't all smooth melodies and pleasant atmospheres. As the track progresses, the energy bursts open. The vocals erupt with a raw and passionate call and the subsequent chorus a really uplifting vibe that will bring you a reassuring smile. Keep an eye out for more from these guys!

Before the King

Evoking sounds of the mid 00s Indie Rock stars such as Arctic Monkeys and Kings of Leon, Sydney quartet Before the King pepper their music with riffs that ooze a cool swagger, rarely breaking a sweat yet always gripping you with the distinctive American Rock melodies. Their debut album 'Different Combinations of the Same' arrived just a few months ago and featured gritty, punchy numbers like 'Low Expectations' and 'Fast Machine' that had an angsty purpose to them. However, they are not slowing down one bit and have just released a brand new track 'Cold Shoulder'.

The new track takes a more laid-back sonic approach, with appealingly monotonous guitar lines that scream of The Strokes. The vocal performance matches this intentional subtlety with a loose vocal phrasing that drifts across the music, delivering each word with a bittersweet honesty. The chorus takes an uplifting turn turn that fans of The Sherlocks will want to dance to in an Indie haze, yet it still exudes a conflicted emotional landscape between hope and sadness. 'Cold Shoulder' is a sign that Before the King have a lot more to offer so expect more news in the coming months.

Grace Amos

Since the release of her debut single 'Listen Real Closely' back in 2020 things went pretty quiet from Indie Rock songwriter Grace Amos. However, she has reemerged with an audible determination and drive in 2022 with three new tracks. 'DECIDE' was quite an intimate and serene soundscape full of soft vocal harmonies and drawn out, American Folk textures that allowed Grace to really showcase the blissful side of her voice. Then, her piano-led cover of the Foo Fighters classic 'Everlong' demonstrated her intimate and emotive side whilst hinting at her Rock influences that may have got some fans excited.

Well, she has taken this Rock inspiration a step further with her newest track 'KISS YOU TIL IM SOBER' and offered up a punchy, empowering anthem that will have you singing out loud on the bus in no time. Opening with a pounding, primal drum rhythm, Grace then delivers her most aggressive and powerful vocal performance to date. It's the kind of song where every word counts. The flow has a cool swagger and the vocal delivery has the confidence to match. It is bold, unforgiving and hugely infectious. Here, she knows what she wants and is refusing to be messed around. If this is the start of a new path for Grace Amos, then there are big things to come.


When Zech and Eze Walters made the move from New Zealand to Australia, they probably didn't realise that in just a short time they would be signed to Nettwerk Records, featuring on Itunes Top 50 Charts and headlining tours in the Philippines, China, and Canada. Alongside Aussie drummer Bowen Purcell, the trio originally stormed the busking scene before finally settling down in Melbourne. Woodlock’s first EP ‘Lemons’ was released in 2013, and since then they have had a string of high-performing singles such as ‘Forever Ago’ and ‘I loved you then (And I love you still)’. Elements of chamber pop and indie folk are present throughout most of the band's discography, maintaining a genteel quality comparable to Sufjan Stevens. Boasting 34,000 followers and 763,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, it is clear that the trio are causing a buzz down under.

Woodlock’s new single ‘Sunday Drive’ establishes a refreshingly heavy and fast-paced indie melody compared to previous releases. The band showcases their genre versatility immaculately, with effective use of fast tempo percussion and spirited instrumental. In contrast, accompanying tracks ‘Quick Hands’ and ‘We Gotta Go’ stay authentic to the trio's organic indie folk style. This EP offers something for everyone, with plenty of potential to attract a new demographic of listeners. As a whole, the tone is consistently serene, and Woodlock continue to offer a flawless audial experience. Words by Clara Brown

Window Shopping

Judging by the name of Adelaide's new Indie quintet you can tell that they don't take everything too seriously. Their trademark Aussie tongue-in-cheek approach to lyricism and simultaneously laid-pack yet punchy sound is instantly appealing. However, this is not to say that they don't leave room for a few honest and relatable comments on the reality of growing up. Their debut single 'One More Episode' provides a humorous observation of binge watching culture on the surface as they reapedly sing of how they want one more episode before they go to slep. Yet, it is sang with a slight haunting quality that makes you wonder if there is something troublesome on the speaker's mind that is making them crave the distraction of the TV.

Sonically, it has a really thick, warm and fuzzy production that has become synonymous with Australian Indie Rock over the last decade. This, combined with the honestly painted pictures of mundanity and the strong, female Aussie accent will remind many of Ruby Fields. It is an uplifting track that is suited for roadtrips and wholesome, feel-good nights around fires with friends. However, that more vulnerable and melancholic undertone that shows hints of insecurity adds a lovely depth to the sonic atmosphere that will leave this song resonating with you for a lot longer. Hopefully there's lots more to come from these guys!

Aless Arias

Another artist who has just arrived with their debut single is Sydney's Aless Arias. Now, if you liked the sound of the slightly vulnerable and melancholic twist to Window Shopping's new track then you will love 'Evolve', Aless's first release. Inspired by a host of modern, female Indie pioneers such as Phoebe Bridgers, Soccer Mommy and Hayley Williams, her sound lands like an audible exploration of internal dilemmas, personal growth and daydreaming wonder.

The instrumentation provides a gentle swirling atmosphere full of distant echoed notes and subtle background riffs that you can almost get lost in if you're not careful! The standout element of the the track however, is the layered vocals. A deep, resonant sadness haunts the lead vocal in the chorus while more upbeat, crisp and ethereal vocal lines intertwine in the background as if contrasting elements of her mind are all blending into one as she reflects on personal experiences. It is a super dreamy debut, but not the kind where you can let it wash over you in the background. It triggers the kind of sonic dream that takes you along for the ride weather you like it or not. You may just emerge from the dream knowing a lot more about your inner-self. This is the first track from her upcoming EP 'Blossoming' so keep your eyes peeled for more.


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