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Auckland crave late night dance floors on energetic Indie banger 'Superhype'

Returning with their new single ‘Superhype’, German Indie Rock outfit auckland capture the celebratory relief we all felt as almost two years of isolation finally came to an end and we could finally sing and dance together again. An anthem for all those rushing back to dancefloors and festivals across the world, the track follows their three debut singles ‘Too Tired’, ‘On the Run’ and ‘Old Friend’ as well as the live EP ‘In Color Sessions’. The exciting trio consists of Jan Rohnacher (Vocals / pianist / bassist), Jonas Schmitt (drummer) and Tim Rohnacher (guitarist).

Superhype’ is an expression of that craving for nights out, sweaty clubs and being close with friends and loved ones, and the band extend this aesthetic through their euphoric instrumentals. High pitched, catchy guitar riffs, reminiscent of those you’d find on a Two Door Cinema Club track, create the spine of the song, whilst a rhythmic drum and twangy bass pattern keep it all together. Adding the cherry on top is Jan’s ecstatic vocal performance, seemingly instilled with that distinctive Friday night fever. With an impressive discography already, auckland appear to be one to watch!


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