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  • Saba Khorassani

Art-Punk newcomers Gag Salon release beautifully bizarre new single 'Fishyman Pt.1'!

Gag Salon do anything but play it safe in their new single 'Fishyman, Pt. 1'. The Reading quartet described their style as “Incel Patrick Bateman” in an interview with Fred Perry, an eclectic fusion of Post-Punk and Art-Rock styles. Gag Salon’s sound is rhythmic, lively and unique, and their new single is no exception.

'Fishyman, Pt. 1' has a decidedly absurdist flavour, telling of a man who transforms into a fish at the hour of sunrise. The first verse embraces this playfulness and irreverence, and the influence of Beefheart (which the group credit on their Spotify bio) is palpable. The track transforms post-chorus into an urgent euphony, resulting in a charismatic emotional journey listeners do not want to miss.

The drums exude angst whilst also keeping the heartbeat of the song, and the pairing of the coarse, leathery voice of Gag Salon’s lead singer Joseph Mumford and the funky electric guitar make for an immersive, unpredictably outrageous piece of aural storytelling. The band will be playing at several venues this winter, including Big Hands in Manchester, and their studio sound promises an exciting live experience.


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