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Anthemic Danish shoegazers, The Last Weekend, return with their huge new single 'What's My Dream'

After emerging last year with their debut two singles, Danish newcomers The Last Weekend have kept up their momentum in 2022 with two more tracks, 'A Whisper In Time' and 'What's My Dream'. The first is quite a vocal track, using the raspy, emotive delivery to create a captivating Indie Rock anthem that rings of later Kings Of Leon.

More recently, 'What's My Dream' has utilised the two best elements of their sound that combine to make an audible showcase of their abilities. The vocals drive the early moments of the track once again with the irresistibly pained vocal style that dances on the edge of breaking point. The instrumentals are atmospheric, providing a shoegaze surrounding that draws you into a soundscape of tangles guitar lines and echoed electro subtleties. However, the song that comes alive in the chorus with a more angular, direct Rock riff that has a beautifully fuzzy Pop Rock tone that radiates a bright energy, complimented by a soaring vocal line. Their music is poignant and hugely atmospheric, definitely a sound you can get lost in


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