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  • Suzanne Powell

ALBUM REVIEW: Unschooling - New World Artifacts

Unschooling, a band born in Rouen - France, burst onto the Rock scene in 2019 with their album 'Defensive Design'. Over the last four years, they have achieved European popularity and carved out their space in the new, quirky Rock environment, characterised by lively rhythms and high energy.

Their new record, 'New World Artifacts' pays tribute to many Art Rock bands that influenced the Post-Punk vocal style of Vincent Fevrier, with the weaving dissonance that characterizes avant-garde Rock. Each song on the album is refreshingly unpredictable, with frequent shifts in mood during the melodies while maintaining the vibrant artistic intent that the band sought to express.

Right from the beginning of the album, in the title track 'New World Artifacts', there are reminiscent elements of great Art Rock and Progressive Rock bands and artists such as Radiohead, with the addition of external electronic noises and radio-voice effects, King Crimson with its dark guitar, but also the unconventionality of Genesis and the intensity of Tool.

The track 'Expression' has firmly become one of our favourites, immersing the listener in a sonic landscape. It masterfully weaves together ambient sounds and the exuberance of all instruments, resulting in a layered masterpiece. Simultaneously, the band demonstrates their versatile musical prowess by embarking on various music styles.

In the case of 'Brand New Storm', the band delves into the realms of Indie Rock, with its weaving structure and a generally happy-nostalgic tone. The music video also exudes an indie aura and a colorful atmosphere. Within the album, 'A Hundred Spirits' serves as a brief break from its otherwise vibrant vitality. This track acts as an interlude, prompting moments of introspection. It introduces an intriguing touch of darkness and melancholy, reflecting the multifaceted nature of creativity and the emotional depth that it can evoke.

Concluding the album, 'The Goose' guides the listener towards the end. It blends the experience with a more structured song, although it doesn't lose the edgy drive that has described this band since the beginning of their career. The result is a perfect conclusion, leaving the listener with a sense of fulfilment of someone who has just experienced a thrilling and complete artistic journey.

What we appreciate about the album is the coherence among all the songs and tracks, even though each one has its distinct characteristics, from the guitar arpeggios to the unconventional drum patterns. You will never feel bored, as the changes are so unpredictable that they keep you engaged throughout.

In the end, this is what truly makes Unschooling a special band. They have shown that they can bring diversity, offer new atmospheres and constantly keep you on your toes!


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