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ALBUM REVIEW: Deep In Moon - One Second In Flight Mode

German Indie outfit DEEP IN MOON have just released their new 6-track EP ‘One Second In Flight Mode’, an eclectic display of their sonic range.

Opening track immediately demonstrates this range, opening with a bouncing Indie groove but then diving into a more soulful dance sound with bright piano chords and a funky beat that makes you want to get moving! Super crisp, Disco riffs and the rolling beat create a great energy to kick things off in style.

‘Call Me Out’ has a similarly funky, disco-infused groove that is vibrant and full of flavour, using piano and sharp guitars to build a joyful arrangement. ‘All My Life’ meanwhile, is a more thoughtful, emotive track with vocals similar to the heartfelt, gravelly passion of Bastille.

For us however, the best moment on the EP comes in the form of the crashing finale! The final minute or so of ‘Earth’s Not Waiting’ brings together thrashing drums and a soulful Rock guitar solo in an anthemic crescendo oozing with drama.

Overall, it is a really funky, dance-worthy EP with moments of emotive depth and instrumental flair. A great new European discovery for us! 


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