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AAV2 e:portfolio - Writing for camera

As the film had a short duration I wanted to give it a good pace which meant only including very short snippets of dialogue before moving on. Therefore, I wrote short pieces of key information i wanted to include and kept this in my mind when filming. This dialogue had to introduce the backstory of the film to give context for the viewer. Therefore, I wrote the script to include some history of the local area as well as details on the venue to connect the local area and the venue together. I also wanted the audio and visuals to feel very connected. Therefore, I put a collection of spoken hooks that related to what was on screen. This was done by editing, matching up sections of my footage to certain topics the interviewees discussed such as matching the footage of the brewery and local produce to the conversation about sourcing goods locally and matching the conversation on the community impact of the venue to the shot of the venue’s community notice board. I also did this the other way round by writing dialogue post-shooting to fit some of the key on-screen objects. For example I used the phrase “flying the flag” when the venue’s flag was on screen and made sure to mention the “future” of the local area to match the eye-catching sign that reads “the future is birkenhead”. I also wrote my dialogue based off the dialogue of the interviewees. I made sure that my own dialogue referencing topics that they had mentioned so that the film flowed smoothly and it felt like all different section of the piece were connected. I also aimed to kee my tone informative and level to act as the voiceover and allowing the intervwees to offer more personality oin the piece.


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