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AAV2 e:portfolio - Interviews

For my film, I wanted the interviewees to be at the centre of the strory. As the story is focused around the venue’s effect on the local community I felt that people had to be at the centre of the film, thus choosing appropriate interviewees and asking the most important questions was crucial to the project. With the story being focused on a local music venue I knew that the main interviewee had to be someone related to the venue itself, particualrly a member of staff who had been part of the project since its inception so that they would be able to give the broader angle to the story and also someone who knew the local area well and so would be knowledgable about the impact that the venue has had on the community. Therefore I chose to speak to one of the Birkenhead based owners who was involved in the original conception of the idea and is connected with the local council which meant he could provide more background information on the positive impacts of community centred projects. However, I also wanted to maintain the music aspect of the film and didn’t wan’t dialogue about town planning and venue funding to dominate the piece. Therefore, I also reached out to an artist who had performed numerous times at the venue sp they could provide insight on the musical side of the venue as well as telling a few more light hearted anecdotes to give the film an upbeat tone. I also ensured that I chose an artist that was local to the area so they could also shed light on the community aspect of the venue. Together I felt these two interviewees gave a good balance, giving a filmic voice to both the venue, represented by the owner, the music community, represented by the artist and the local community, represented by both interviewees.


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