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Aaron Taos - Control (Remix)

Our next instalment of your summer soundtrack comes from Aaron Taos, New York’s Indie curator. Ever since his debut DIY releases in 2015 people have fallen in love with his heartwarming brand of uplifting, distinctively American Indie. He somehow captures the boisterous sophistication you would associate with New York while delivering a predominately coastal sound.

Some of his biggest tracks like ‘Twisted’ jump at you with a bold rock arrogance reminiscent of Artcic Monkeys ‘AM’ with a more pop finish. However, many other popular tracks such as ‘Loneliness’ carry a more natural feel. The sound arrives more innocent and less invasive, letting the song just wash over the listener.

‘Control’, probably his best work to date, manages to fall in the middle of these two effects. It is a hypnotic skater track infused with a spacey, psychedelic chorus. Now, the single has been given a slacker remix from Indie/hip-hop wizard Lonely God and the diversely styled Huron John. After a year of the original single being out there, they have managed to breathe a fantastic new life into the track without straying too far from its roots. They take over the verses with their bedroom rap phrasings and added electronic intricacies.

With their new elements creating even more intriguing developments within this summer ready track it is hard not to get lost in its swirling sound. Check it out on our SUMMER PLAYLIST and enjoy the sun with some great music!


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