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Primyl Vinyl - 'Halftime Entertainment' Premiere

After receiving an abundance of praise for their debut single 'A.M', Liverpool trio, Primyl Vinyl, have returned with an electrifying, unfiltered account of one 15 minute escapade. The new track, 'Halftime Entertainment' is reminiscent of the mid 00's indie scene, with tales of nights out and alcohol induced romance. Yet, these guys pluck the elements of that lairy aesthetic and drag it into 2019 with their own concoction of sounds. The passion is raw, the music is infectious and this new release shows clear sings of great emerging talent!

When the band crashed onto the scene last year with 'A.M', their was something distinct that separated them from the crowd. Whether it was the blend of catchy pop hooks and fuzzy rock riffs, or simply the amount of energy that their sound radiates, it was already clear that Primyl Vinyl have something big to offer the Indie-Rock scene! This brand new track more than confirms this.

Their sonic storytelling is captivating and originates from the strange tale of a friend. “The song is about a very real experience that happened to a friend of mine in a bar in Liverpool city centre in broad day light. The line; ‘love in a far from empty bar, dirty dancing taken way too far’ says it all really. My mate is sat there telling me his story and I’m in disbelief, so we HAD to write about it!”

With only 3 members, you could be forgiven for presuming that their songs come out thin and incomplete. Yet, this couldn't be further from the truth. 'Halftime Entertainment' is anthemic and fills the room with sound whether you are watching them play or listening in your bedroom. The band themselves explained that they thought having 3 members "would cause us a lot of difficulties but it’s played to our strengths massively. Nahum and Matt have been playing together for a couple of years so less members in a band means it easier for the band to focus on being really tight. And we have a great dynamic, it really helps being three lads that are such good mates". This friendship really shows. They play fast, tight and rarely seem off the pace.

By taking a series of events that occurred in such a short space of time and then scaling that down again to just 3 and a half minutes the track captures the essence of time running out perfectly. It is relentless, hard-hitting and radiates a sense of urgency that portrays both the unique story and the energy that the band deliver. Don't be surprised if you start hearing the name Primyl Vinyl around a lot in the coming months!

Halftime Entertainment is OUT NOW on all platforms - Listen here

Check the band out on Facebook here

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