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  • Sadie Hickson

DMA's - For Now


Australia's greatest gift are back! It has been two years since the Aussie trio showcased their rejuvenated brand of Brit-pop to the world, and now DMA's have returned with a decidedly more mellow record, 'For Now'. Their debut release, 'Hills End' gained a huge amount of recognition, not only being featured on the FIFA 17 soundtrack and attracting the attention of 560,000+ monthly listeners on Spotify – but also that of Noel Gallagher, who Jokingly claiming that he would "Boo DMA’s" when he saw them. Perhaps this comment went some way to instigating the change of tone in this new album or perhaps the group are simply in a slightly different frame of mind two years down the line. Either way, gone are the unmistakable sounds of Oasis, instead replaced by influences from the other side of pioneering Manc music, The Stone Roses. But does it deliver on its promise?​

Well...the first track,and namesake of the undeniably unique album leaves nothing to be desired, and promises great things to come. With its punchy intro and angst-filled lyrics, it’s certainly an introduction to remember. Yet, the rest of the album, containing mixtures of gentle piano, and synthesised backdrops to haunting vocals, offers a range of exploration, spreading itself between multiple different ideas and themes. That in itself was enough to make us more than a little unsure of what would happen next, and how it would go down in front of a live audience. After all, these songs don’t all scream excitement and mosh pits. Alternatively, they show promise of an immersive experience that would leave those involved wanting more. Carrying a more blissful atmosphere that we expected, and a distinctively different style to its predecessor, we first questioned whether the calmer, more chilled record could provide the same euphoria as 'Hills End'. However, after further listening we can guarantee that 'For Now' is an album that will grow on you the more you listen to it.

'Time Money', the third song on the album, is one that a listener cannot help but come back to again and again. Its gentle drum beat and refreshingly smooth bass-line follow the vocals perfectly, complimenting and lifting them to new heights as the chorus kicks in. 'Tape Deck' on the other hand, stands out from the crowd in terms of its pacing and lyrical quality, with light-hearted and simple guitar tones combined with front-man Tommy O’Dell’s vocals. This feel-good pop anthem will have a listener unable to stop themselves drumming in time on any available surface! Other racks such as and 'In the Air' and 'Emily Whyte' however, are of a different ilk once again. The heartfelt crooning, and melodic landscape of these songs creates an almost nostalgic feel. No matter if you’re an experienced gig-goer or a tentative stand-at-the-back-and-nod-along enjoyer of live music, DMA’s have such a veritable plethora of new songs that at least one of them is sure to strike a chord with you. Luckily, DMA’s will be seen performing all over the UK, Europe and Australia throughout the Spring and Summer just for your viewing pleasure, starting in Nottingham this Friday. ‘For Now’ will also be released on the 27th of April and arrives at the perfect time, just as we approach the summer, when everyone wishes to soak up the endorphin filled heat, and be taken into a hazy daze of audible relaxation, and DMA's provide just that!

Pre-order the album or book tour tickets on their official website.

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