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INHEAVEN - Live @ Buyers Club, Liverpool


We have been following these guys for a while now and we've loved every single minute of it. The only thing we hadn't done was see them live! But that's all changed and WOW..they take live to another level. After beating the likes of Miley Cyrus, Ed Sheeran and The Killers to clinch #2 in the Irish Album charts with their debut release (read our review here )we couldn't wait to hear what it sounded like in a cramped , sweaty venue in Liverpool.

Friday night was the perfect environment for them. Giving them a chance to feed their Dublin born punk-rock to a city that really needs it right now. It was clear that many fans had come solely for INHEAVEN and were unfamiliar with the support, and this was a shame. Bands like Otherkin desrve to be playing sold out headline shows themselves! But, regardless, it didn't take long for the infectious arrogance of Luke's on stage performance to rub off on the crowd. By the end they had achieved what they had set out to do, Re-educate the people of England on the spirit of punk. Without a single drop in energy from first song to last, Otherkin will surely be heading off on their on UK tour soon and our advice is to catch them as soon as possible before they get BIG!

Paris Youth Foundation

It's always nice to see some local talent on show at a night like this, and these guys are right up their with the best of them. They've ridden the wave of the current indie scene and produced a sound that is growing in popularity, best heard on their single 'Losing Your Love'. With almost dream-like vocals , and swelling guitar accompanied by a more heavy-hitting backdrop on drums it sends you into an uplifting trance. Like a blissful moment of calm in the stresses of modern life.

You need to keep an eye on these guys because whatever your musical taste, they definitely deliver a special experience live.


If we had any doubts about the quality of these four they have been completely shattered. We have to admit that we didn't expect such an intense show from these guys, but our ignorance has been swiftly corrected by one of the most uplifting gigs we've been to this year. After working hard, gathering up a fan base and developing their sound over the past few years they believed they had finally reached the stage where they were ready to release their debut album. After this gig, their is absolutely no doubting them! They deliver the perfect blend of angst-driven rock and upbeat heart-warming indie-pop.

Their opener, 'Bitter Town' set the mood for the rest of their set. They took every little nuance within the song and amplified it a hundred times over. Although it has been a fan favourite since its release in 2015, the live performance held a whole new layer depth making all the more poignant. 'Baby's alright' followed in the same vain. Opening their album, it offers the infectious ongoing line "Baby's alright", but when played live they ramped it up into a full-throttle, driving grunge track and poured it onto the crowd. If you have a chance to catch them on the coming dates on their tour then don't miss it! They are one of the few bands that can create something way beyond that of a cheap gig. From the intense moshing that is almost expected nowadays when they play 'Treats' to the blissful euphoria that filled the crowd for 'Regeneration' , the last song of the night. We left in a bitter-sweet mood...sad that the night was over, but proud to know that live music is well and truly ALIVE.

Book your tickets for the rest of the tour via their Facebook

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