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Otherkin - OK

We cant tell you how much we have all been craving an album like this! Punk Rock has just sunk it's teeth into the heart of pop culture and drawn out every ounce of inspiration it can find. From elements of stadium-filling Brit pop in their latest single 'Come On , Hello' to the elements of Surf Rock creeping in to the backdrop of 'I Was Born' and brand new album track 'Razorhead'. Talking of influences the whole album carries, not only the sound of early 00's punk revival bands such as Green Day , but also the same ethos... bringing Punk back to the masses, and having a fucking good time while your doing so. That's exactly what Otherkin are doing this year, re-educating the youth on the spirit of Punk Rock and giving them all something to dance about. This American influence isn't surprising considering the bands Irish heritage. But to some, hearing the likes of Green Day mentioned may instantly draw in that horrible blanket term that can give some people the shivers... POP PUNK! However, Otherkin are the perfect example of why Pop Punk is nothing to be afraid of.

Just like terms pop and indie, the meaning of Pop Punk has been heavily soured. Pop used to simply mean popular but has now become associated with a certain brand of vocal dominated 'sing-a-long' music. Similarly, Pop Punk now has connotations to cheesy riffs , strangely died hair and a host of angry teenage fan girls. But this is not the case! The past year or two has seen the resurgence of what pop punk was originally meant to be - all the angst-ridden rebellion of Punk blended with a more catchy upbeat element. Artists like VANT and FREAK have been re-writing the meaning of Pop Punk and Otherkin are right at the forefront of this. This is probably most notable on 'Bad Advice' The entire album pulsates with a certain feel-good swagger that is hard to come by, all perfectly characterized by the single 'REACT'. If there was one track to showcase why OK is set to be one of our contenders for album of the year, it is this one. High-powered grunge riffs, mosh-worthy chorus' and a beautiful arrogance in the vocal delivery that encapsulates the will for an uprising that lies underneath all of their lyrics.

By all means make sure you pre-order their album, OK leaves nothing left untouched..Pop harmonies layered on top of sweat-dripping grunge rock played at full intensity throughout. However, this really is the sort of music that you can never fully appreciate until you have seen them live. They have a unique ability not just for writing a damn good chorus but also for the build up. We can't think think of an album where all tracks seem to explode into the chorus in such a satisfying manner as this one. 'Yeah, I Know' demonstrates this to perfection, a song built around their amazing talent of suspense. Even if you are the most reserved of gig-goers, we can guarantee that by the time you hear the words " I Wanna see you BITE THAT LIP " you will be craving the mosh pit. On the other hand, if your a moshing veteran then an Otherkin gig is where you want to be! Currently on tour with INHEAVEN, it's set to be one hell of a show.

Catch the band on Facebook to buy your tickets, album or just to keep up to date with whats going to be a crazy few months for them.

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