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  • Olivia Kenny

Festival Review - DOT 2 DOT , Manchester.

On Friday Dot To Dot Festival came to Manchester once again. Taking place across many venues throughout the atmospheric city, the annual metropolitan festival once again brought a positive buzz to the city and gave everyone present a chance to reflect on the tragic incident last week and unite in the one way that Manchester knows best....with brilliant live music.

Best Local Band - CRIMSONS

Boasting a bold appearance and hard-hitting psychedelia , Crimsons were hard to miss and drew a stream of passers by into the Fred Perry store where they played. Having released an EP just a week before, the fan base of the Manchester trio has grown significantly recently and this was definitely present in the positive mood which filled the venue and the amount of devoted fans who had found their way into a packed out make-shift venue . Even those hearing tracks such as Idle Ways, and brand new Nights Darkest Side, clearly felt a sudden urge to sing along. The later of these songs provides a more mellow rest-bite from their usually intense live performances but still carries their dark atmosphere and adds a new depth to their image. After a set sure to shake off any hangovers, the band performed a Muddy Waters cover of I Just Wanna Make Love To You but with their own Gothic twist proving their rock&roll credentials even further . At the end of their set a poet read a poem about Manchester to show support for victims of the tragic events which happened earlier that week, this was a wonderful example of the positivity and pride which is always present in the city. You can find Crimsons next at Club Crimsons on 17th June, proceeds from this event will help victims of the Manchester attacks. Keep in touch via FACEBOOK.

Best Up Coming Band - FREAK

Southern based band Freak are quickly growing in popularity up and down the country. The alternative rock band performed a lively set at the popular Ruby Lounge just as the night was heating up. Their rapid growth is unsurprising, as their sound is about as addictive as it gets. Tracks such as Cake and Someone Help Me capture the very essence of their sound, blending punchy, no-nonsense punk with pop melodies in a similar style to Baby Strange or Strange Bones. In the middle of their set the three-piece decided to mix it up a bit and performed a post-punk cover of Britney Spears' Toxic , an odd choice you might think, but the way they transformed the track and made it their own simply highlighted their talent. Nearing the end of the set most of the audience decided to join the trio on stage, creating an unforgettable show and a live performance that proves they are ones to watch this year. Keep in touch via their FACEBOOK.

Best Live Performance

One of the many headliners for the festival was The Growlers, who performed at Old Granada Studios. After an electrifying opening, playing two of their most popular tracks including I'll Be Around, they also paid tribute to the victims of the Manchester bombing with a minutes silence and created a level of mutual respect between every audience member that is only possible at a gig . The California based band have an extremely distinctive sound, combining rock, pop, country and beat to produce a trademark sound. It's a unique genre that wouldn't be out of place at a summer festival and yet would slip seamlessly into an urban night club. Although The six-piece now have seven albums available online , they are one of those bands that you can never truly understand until seen live . Their most recent album City Club featuring the single Night Ride , especially comes to life when played right before your eyes. Having six members allows their performance to be true to their recordings and makes for a captivating live show filled with unparalleled enthusiasm from both the band and their fans. The Growlers are a must see band so keep in touch via their FACEBOOK to catch any gigs near you.

Overall Dot To Dot Festival was an amazing collaboration of all types of music as always and brought people together even more than usual due to the circumstances of the timing. The atmosphere in the amazing city was phenomenal and the countless moments of grievance for those who died in Manchester is something that will always be remembered by the everyone there.

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