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Sisteray - 15 Minutes , EP Review

If only we had more music like this coming out of these past few years then perhaps the music industry wouldn't be in the state it's in, and perhaps some of the messages might have filtered down into the general population. Politically incentivizing lyrics, raucous non-intricate chorus' and pure musical rebellion is exactly what we need , and it looks like our nations musicians are finally starting to realise that. London punk-revivalists Sisteray are one of our favourite upcoming artists, not just for their music but everything they've put into their project.

Considering the success of comparable angst driven artists such as Cabbage and Vant it's hard to see why these guys haven't quite enjoyed their own 15 minutes yet. However, they are slowly building up a following from their supercharged live performances and are constantly growing in both confidence and style. Their brand new EP, 15 minutes , is a perfect example of this and encapsulates everything brilliant about the four of them. The whole concept behind the new release is based on the Andy Warhol quote "Everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes". Bassist, Mick Hanrahan explained how that they believed, in this day an age, "with internet and streaming taking over the industry, that you release a song or an EP and people will talk about you, if you are lucky....for more than 15 minutes. Then it's gone." In a world when people are becoming famous for simply selling yourself to the TV channels on reality TV and when it is becoming increasingly hard to make money from music , you need something more than good music to make your mark. Sisteray are beginning to find their 'something extra' combining their socially critical lyrics with a musical style in between the high-powered anger of punk rock and the more upbeat melodies of today's indie circles.

Kicking off the EP with previously releases single Queen's English , it perfectly sets thee tone of the EP , giving out the instant message 'The monarchy and higher ends of the government in power do not represent the people. Their views are their own and do not reflect our own opinions' . Like the rest of the record,the song is packed full of stadium-filling chorus' again (by creating a all inclusive vocal atmosphere with multiple band members sounding like they're singing at once) it emanates their desire for unity amongst the people. Our favourite track has to be Famous For Nothing, encapsulating the 15 minute project whilst not compromising on the musical front whatsoever. A dark, atmospheric blend of an angst filled riff and message orientated lyrics then interrupted by their characteristically mosh-worthy chorus'. Followed up by a guitar solo then a full-throttle instrumental...what more could you want from 3 minutes of political punk-rock.

As songwriters ourselves you can always tell a could record by how much it influences your songwriting over the following week. We instantly knew that the 15 minutes EP has smashed it as the whole EP makes you want to not only get up making your own music but start your own revolution against both political and musical culture.

Take a listen to the EP on Spotify or check them out on Facebook !

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