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Jamie T & Baby Strange - Live @ Liverpool Olympia

We can't hide that Jamie T is one of our huge favourites here at BOOT-MUSIC and so it is hard not be biased. However, we are pleased to say that our cheeky, hip-hop rapper from London has smashed it once again! After leaving fans a good five years before releasing his 3rd record, he returned earlier this year with his 4th album , Trick' after less than two years on and brought with it, his passion , messy hair and a whole load of drunken rhymes. A true re-birth of the man we love!

No tour is carried out without a hitch, and this was no exception. Falling ill with a serious cold mid-tour , he was forced to re-schedule numerous dates. This resulted in the last day of the tour being on the 17th of November in one of the fastest growing music venues around, Liverpool Olympia Theatre and damn, does he know how to end a tour! He seemed to have taken all energy and enthusiasm from the previous dates and dragged it all out with him on stage. On area that Jamie never disappoints in, is his unique ability to break down the barrier between performer and fan. Somehow, he made the whole attendance feel like guests into his home, as if he was looking after everyone member of the audience and making sure we had an even better night than they had hoped for. We felt part of the music, like the music was being played to us and we were part of the experience, rather than just observers as you seem to feel at many gigs. This feeling was not simply one-sided either, you will struggle to find any artist who seems to enjoy their gigs even more than the fans, but Jamie T gets pretty damn close! Thriving of the passion that poured from the crowd, I don't think I have seen an artist smile so much when playing, and its brilliant to see. You get the impression that he truly appreciates how amazing it is that thousands of strangers from the other end of the country are singing every single one of his songs word for word, and fucking loving it! 'If You Got The Money' and 'Zombie' most notably being performed at a supercharged level , amped up for the live show , creating a constant mosh-pit throughout both songs and providing a full throttle performance as ever.

It has to be said that Jamie T is not one who has often been known for his singing prowess, however he seems to have significantly improved over the years. Tracks such as 'Crossfire Love' and 'Sign Of The Times' were actually sung extremely well, and gave the London man an extra layer of depth that may not have been present at earlier gigs in his career.

I couldn't write about this gig without mentioning the support, another big favourite of ours, 'Baby Strange'. Set the lively atmosphere for the night from the start and absolutely smashed their set! A perfect blend of teenage angst , fierce vocal delivery and an intense on stage presence, all chucked right into the faces of anyone who hadn't heard them before. 'VVV' and 'Friend' got the evening off to a bang and I couldn't of thought of a more deserving support, definitely ones to watch. Such an energetic and and full-on gig throughout, simply brilliant.

Check out 'Baby Strange' on youtube - 'VVV'

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