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Baby Strange - Want It Need It

Possibly one of the most exciting albums and promising bands of the year, Glasgow based group, 'Baby Strange' seem to have managed to sneak in under the national radar. However, although they may not quite have had the amount of publicity as other debutantes to the indie scene this year, they certainly are not lacking in the quality. After already having released 9 tracks on various single's , fans were more than ready for the debut album. Many of these previous releases do feature on the record, however 'Lackluster' would be an understatement for an album boasting no new content, and the trio haven't disappointed. Managing to not let the time pressures of album production take a negative effect on their standards, the new songs retain the same early 00's inspired riffs and the same high-powered lyrical delivery. The album blends all aspects of their pre-millennia influences giving a wider variety in tones, ranging from the moodier atmospheric tracks such as 'VVV' to the lighter more indie pop chorus' of 'Trouble' that would not have seemed out of place on an early 'Pigeon Detectives' album.

The demand of indie fans across the UK seems to fluctuate over the years, the summer vibe , upbeat indie-pop from the likes of 'Two Door Cinema' is not quite as nationally loved as it was a few years ago. The favored attitude of a band is beginning to lean more towards the grungier , garage-rock of earlier years. Artists such as ,'VANT' climbing to the forefront of the public eye with their aggression and on stage energy. This is an atmosphere 'Baby Strange' create with ease. Title Track 'Want It Need It' the perfect example of this, starting off with choppy,darker sounding guitar and later bursting into the increasingly popular stripped back style of a song. The old-age relation ship between floor tom and snare explored to its full potential, packing out the minimalistic sound of the 3 members into a messy, jam-packed atmosphere worthy of a six-piece. This energy doesn't solely exist on the recordings of course with their on stage bravado and electrified live sets gaining them a big reputation across Glasgow as one of the best local acts. Additionally, as a band's creative direction and especially music videos are again becoming more important as they used to be , the visual accompaniment to 'Want It Need It' emits the perfect image of a pumped up band, full of angst.

Currently embarking on their first major UK tour, the fan base for 'Baby Strange' is sure to sky-rocket as they remain one of the nation's most under-rated bands!

Head over to their Facebook page for Tour dates and Album info !

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