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Possibly the most exciting band of the year , London indie rock group 'VANT' seem to have sprung up out of nowhere, receiving almost a quarter of a million views on YouTube on their official video for their late 2015 single 'Parking Lot' as well as playing alongside acts such as 'Biffy Clyro' , 'Royal Blood' and 'Catfish And The Bottlemen'. Having released a selection of critcally acclaimed singles over the past two years, the band's debut EP 'KARMA SEEKER' has arrived at the perfect time.

The 4-track release features the title track 'KARMA SEEKER' which is again accompanied by a brilliantly choreographed music video, which seems to be becoming one of VANT's trademarks. The rough chalk, appearances of skeletons and constantly changing figures provide the perfect hard hitting visuals to go alongside one of the best indie-rock records since the last decade! The success of this new track is unquestionable, achieving nearly one hundred-thousand views on YouTube in only two months and creating a growing fan base for themselves. However, having listened to the indie-rock side of VANT , some fans may not be aware of their grungier , garage-rock potential. More hard-hitting songs of the new EP such as 'Jesus Was A Conman' give the band more of a viscous element, replicating the aggression and teenage rebellion of early 90's punk-rock. Blending this musical antagonism, with their politically aware lyrical content ,best heard in 'Birth Certificate', produces a sound not heard for a long time and gives birth to a band that is finally igniting the feel of teenage angst once again.

Check out the new EP on Spotify now!

And head over to VANT's Facebook page for constant gig and album updates

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