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Sunset Sons - Remember

Unfortunately, over the past decade the concept of an album being a work of art and holding a message has well and truly died out, nowadays an album has just become a collection of unconnected songs. However, ‘Sunset Sons’ are unique in the fact that their debut album, featuring the single ‘Remember’, has a clear, distinctive atmosphere flowing through the entire album. Every song carries strong connotations of summer and beach life, reinforced by the albums creative direction such as the surf stylized artwork and music video.

Following this trend,'Remember' highlights every feature that creates the summer feel throughout the album, with rim shots, tambourine and an upbeat tone on the guitar perfectly conveying the beach-surf vibe. The song starts with a stripped back intro featuring only piano and vocals from lead singer ‘Rory Williams’, whose unmistakable, punchy lyrical delivery and incredible tonal range is a major feature of not only the song but of the band as a whole and adds an extra element of technical ability to the single. The track then cuts into a catchy, riff ridden song, ending in a crescendo full of musical passion creating a brilliant indie anthem, perfect for holiday season.

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