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The Poet Junkies - EP Review

The indie scene is ever-growing in the UK, with more and more new young bands emerging each year attempting to make their breakthrough. This abundance of new indie music has made it increasingly harder to stand out for any hopeful bands to stand out from the rest, most bands barely managing to offer any variation on the same old “summer-vibe” chords and meaningless lyrics. Unfortunately, this leads to many quality artists being overlooked, a perfect example of this is ‘The Poet Junkies’

The Plymouth 4-piece offer a deeper sense of meaning in their upcoming EP ‘Should’ve Been A Leader’. Not many bands have the ability to produce a beautiful song consisting of only a few chords and no obvious lyrics, however the EP’s intro track ‘The Road is Long’ sends the listener into a trance, unable to stop listening and left mulling over their life. There’s something special about the way it grabs you. This, perfectly displaying that the band aren’t just “Another indie band”, right from the offset. This deeper meaning can only really be compared to oasis, their line “I’m a millionaire tonight, mother you got it right” echoes the tone of the Manchester group.

As a versatile band, The EP ranges from the indie pop of ‘Trampoline’ to a ‘Play God’, a song encompassing a rockier feel. This range not only highlights the song writing of Brendan O’neill but also the versatility in his voice.

The Poet Junkies seem to be emerging as an extremely exciting outfit and one to watch, be sure to look out for the new EP, release date – august 5th.

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