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Shanty - Reggae 9-piece

The dub-reggae scene has made a recent revival in the UK, with bands such as ‘Gentleman’s dub club’ bringing the classic, smooth, rocksteady sound of 1970’s Jamaica to the London masses. Shanty are a 9-peice reggae collective who perfectly blend this dub-reggae with a contemporary twist, similar to other London based reggae groups such ‘By The Rivers’, who shanty have supported on many occasions. The band consists of 2 vocalists, guitar, bass, drums and keys accompanied by a 3 piece brass section which provide their distinguishing melodies. Formed in 2013, Shanty have had many changes to their line up over the 3 years but have settled on their 9 members, recruiting vocalist/MC ‘Levi Gordon’ relatively recently who has really grown into his role in the band , giving Shanty more of an edge.

Yet to release a full studio album, Shanty have recorded a 4-track EP titled ‘Leave Me Out’ in addition to 3 separate singles. They have a wide range of styles in their various singles, ranging from the smooth dub-reggae of their new single ‘Nowhere to Nowhere’ to ‘Longtime’, an upbeat track, perfect for festivals, that radiates the summer feeling to every member of the crowd. Another song on the ‘Leave Me Out’ EP is ‘One More’, encompassing the versatility of Shanty this song starts with a steady rhythm and drums but leads to an immense crescendo ending with a wonderful brass hook climax.#

One of the bands strongest assets is vocalist, Ben Willis whose unique relaxed tone is a key element which allows the band to merge the reggae roots and modern London culture so well. This is best demonstrated on ‘bohemian soul’, a song which is beautifully written and leaves you feeling a whole lot better after listening to it! My personal favourite of theirs. In my opinion Shanty are one of the brightest new groups in the UK and have managed to produce consistently brilliant tracks, perfectly blending the reggae roots vibe with the modern London sound, in the same scene as bands like ‘The Skints’, they are creating a new take on reggae.

Shanty have numerous festivals upcoming in the summer such as the Sunsplash European reggae festival, The Secret Garden Party and Soundwave Festival. To view some of their songs including their latest single ‘Nowhere to Nowhere’ click on the links below and to check out any upcoming events or details visit their Facebook page or email them . Give Shanty some support by visiting the store section on their Facebook page where they sell t-shirts screen printed by hand by

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