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Youth Sector release scintillating EP bursting full of bright synths and astute social commentary!

Youth Sector are one of the most vibrant and exciting bands in the world of guitar music right now. The Art-Rock quintet produce a sound that is instantly infectious with its bright, tumbling rhythms and funk-infused grooves. Their new EP 'Quarrels' is bursting full of life and social satire as always. The synths are bright and leading strong while mixing with the Disco-infused guitar rhythms and thick bass lines to create densely textured tracks that offer the strange juxtaposition of making you want to dance while you’re hearing a harsh social critique in the lyrics.

The vocals are delivered with a direct attack in songs such as 'The Ball' and 'A Definitive Guide To Easy Living', soaring high with bright, poignant melodies. Meanwhile tracks like 'Benign Fire In A Small Room' radiate a slightly more subdued and downtrodden atmosphere. The synths create an emotive retro soundscape that rings of The Killers while the line "I'm on fire" is sung with a bittersweet tone which makes the track really stand out among their usually upbeat and vibrant style.

The vocals are crucial throughout the EP, particularly on the aforementioned 'A Definitive Guide To Easy Living' where the lead vocals are bolstered by unified group chants on the bigger lines for extra impact that also provide overlapping, intertwining alternate melodies later in the track. This track is a highlight of the EP, especially in the final minute when the build up is almost disorientating due to the amount of interplaying instrumentals and vocal layers but it is this bombardment of dance-worthy sounds that lies at the heart of Youth Sector.

'Free Parking' combines the catchy, riff-driven sounds of mid-00s Gang of Four inspired acts such as Maximo Park and Franz Ferdinand with a dose of the modern Post-Punk wave as a more angsty vocal delivery and messy drum style rings of acts like Courting, Sports Team and Home Counties. Then, 'Won't Stop The Wheel' closes the EP with a purely funky, disco dance out where you can audibly hear the band having fun.

'Quarrels' sees Youth Sector return with all the lyrical angsty and artistic flair that they’ve always had but with a newfound finesse as they take a more direct approach and refuse to be ignored.


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