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Vibrant Indie Pop supergroup FIZZ tease debut album with string of new singles!

The world of indie-pop has been treated to a delightful new band. Announcing their formation in June along with their debut single High In Brighton, FIZZ is made up of musicians Orla Gartland, Dodie, Greta Isaac, and Martin Luke Brown. All of them are long-time friends and collaborators anyway and decided to start a band.

The album, 'The Secret To Life', will arrive on 15 September. The four singles released so far are incredibly impressive and differ quite vastly in tone and production.

Starting with the first track that was released, 'High In Brighton', which is a psychedelic, Beach Boys-esque song filled with harmonies and lively instrumentation. It’s a jovial track, with a euphoric chorus that utterly explodes. “I wanna be high in Brighton” is repeated several times, the harmonies stacking on top of each other, giving it a 60s feel. The song is about wanting to escape the mundanity of everyday life.

'On to Close One', which is led by Gartland and describes a failed relationship. The production is sparse but beautiful, melodic, and sprawling. The vocals are particularly impressive, Gartland reaching a falsetto as her voice hits the ceiling. “We know that we’re happier on our own” she delivers frankly in the outro.

'Hell of a Ride' is a song that’s pretty tongue-in-cheek, and wonderfully dark and relatable. Led by Brown, who sings of "losing his mind on a Tuesday night" and pecan pie. Fuzzy, thick guitar is woven into the production, making the song sound slightly sinister, which is backed by the chorus; “I’m twenty-five/Going on forty-five/Going on ninety-nine/Going on dead” they sing somewhat gleefully. Then the bridge arrives, and chirping birds can be heard, everything calm and serene as Gartland sings “Looks like the sun’s coming out again/And I see my friends.../God, I’m glad I’m alive”.

The most recent single, 'As Good As It Gets' is essentially a song about being a woman. Speaking on the song, the band said: “As Good As It Gets is the result of being told to smile, of being interrupted and cut across, patronising tones, and having your space invaded – a cry for having to be grateful for absolutely nothing. This song serves as a unified call of disdain and our belief that we deserve more than we think, always.” and it certainly delivers on all of that, expertly so. “Go on, say it a little louder/Bet your mum couldn’t be prouder” Isaac opens the track.

The production is loud and in-your-face, fitting the song perfectly, with fast guitar lines and lively drums. FIZZ have exploded onto the music scene with such a triumphant bang that you would be a fool to overlook them. If the rest of the album is anything like these four songs, we too, are in for a hell of a ride.

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