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Is it too early to start choosing our album of the year? It probably is, but we can guarantee that however good the quality of music released in the next 10 months is, DUMB BLOOD will be up their in contention for the award. With the line between Indie and pop music becoming increasingly blurred, and Punk losing the uncompromising , message-orientated rebellion that started it all off, this album is just what the music scene ( and indeed, the whole world) needs to get kicked back into shape.

Although many of the tracks have already been released as singles you will not be disappointing with the album one bit, the new songs more than make up for it! Lampoon , being right up their with the best they have ever written and acting as the perfect advert for the album and as an embodiment of the band. An uncontrollable level of intensity from the very start, blending bleedingly-raw punk riffs with catchier overlays and Mattie Vant's incomparable passion behind his lyrical delivery. As the song reaches its climax you can begin to feel the emotion that he poured into it when writing.

Starting, mainly as a project for Mattie himself, he manages to tackle so many of the world issues that have not only effected millions of people but have severely worsened his own view on our society. To do this does not just pose the problem of 'trying to make serious topics rhyme' as people say, but also holds a deeper issue of bringing something so serious to the masses. Slipping in content regarding rape, racially driven murder and the issues of religion into a 3 minute rock song played on radio 1 is harder than it may seem. This is because as soon as you express an opinion, so poignantly as is done by the band , people can react against the views expressed or even struggle to listen to a song that may remind them of previous issues in their life. However, the whole album tackles these difficult subject matters with full sensitivity without losing the emphasis behind the message. The quartet achieve this through the ferocious energy of both the lyrical and instrumental sides that force the listener contemplate how they live their life.

Through all the carefully shaped lyrical content, the musical side has certainly not been compromised.They do show an ability to shift genres ever so slightly on the album, with the single, Peace And Love taking an Indier vibe, Are We Free offering a seven-minute psychedelia sesh and Parasite (which sounds like a modern adaptation of Johnny b Goode) packing just over a minute of pure punk into your ears. Some of the best rock songs of the past few years have come out of this album, with lyrics worthy of a protest banner and unrelenting punk angst throughout , DUMB BLOOD already looks set to be one of the best records of 2017.

Catch VANT live or buy the album via their website!


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