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Ukrainian Pop Rocker Lina Cooper releases new anthem 'Reason Not To Jump'!

Ukrainian songwriter Lina Cooper has a wonderful variety to her music, creating heartwarming ballads and expressive anthems with equal ease. This time round, she has taken the latter approach and delivered a hard-hitting Pop Rock anthem with her new single 'Reason Not To Jump'.

The track still showcases her range, playing with a wide range of energy levels and atmospheres by beginning with a moody, stripped back verse before fully exploding into the chorus.

The chorus oozes with 90s Alt Rock swagger, balancing gritty instrumental stabs with crisp vocal melodies that beg to be sang back!

This constant switch up between more poignant, delicate performance in the verses and powerful chorus deliveries continues throughout, highlighting the different emotions that the protagonist of the track feels.

Elements of Taylor Swift, Paramore and Maneskin all shine in this infectious Power anthem.


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