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The View gear up for their first album in 8 years with three new tracks!

Scottish indie giants The View have returned to glorious form with three new singles as they gear up for their first album in 8 years.

The first, ‘Feels Like’ is a euphoric stadium-ready single with a soaring chorus that is led by Kyle Falconer’s uplifting vocal flair. Bright, jangly guitars and serene synth chords create a blissful build up in the verses before the expressive, sing a long chorus hits! This is a perfect comeback single that epitomises the classic sound of The View.

Their second single ‘Neon Lights’ is a grittier, moodier track that oozes a Scottish swagger comparable to The Snuts. A growling bass like and angsty vocals create a darker atmosphere than we’re used to from The View but the chorus still carries an undeniably catchy swing to it.

Their most recent single ‘Shovel In His Hands’ takes things a little steadier and layers up a retro, indie jangle filled with deep guitar notes that reverberate with a psych tone and a slick organ sound. Bands like The Coral come to mind in the verse with its jaunty, coastal, American rhythm but the chorus is injected with Falconer’s Scottish twang while he delivers a hypnotic chorus. A beautifully fuzzy guitar solo builds tension up until the final flurry where two vocal lines compete for attention in wonderful fashion that displays both ends of Falconer’s vocal range.

Based off these three new singles we can’t wait for the new album!


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