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The Silver Lines - Breathe

Hailing from Birmingham, The Silver Lines have been bringing their raucous energy to local venues across the country and sound like a must watch for your post-lockdown nights out. Recently, they have developed a loyal fan base selling out their hometown gigs and have just returned from playing their first festival in the USA, The New Colossus, NYC. Their singles have been championed by BBC Introducing and have had airplay on both BBC Radio 1 and Radio 6 and it’s easy to see why.

Each track is packed full of a youthful angst that can be easy to show in the flesh but a lot harder to capture on record. Ever since their 2018 debut ‘Roamer’ their sound has felt increasingly raw and honest. Their latest single ‘Breathe’ has continued in the same vain. There are moments that sound just as you would expect from a group of young lads, Indie dance floor ready and drawing on inspiration from the 00’s classics. However it is the more punk influenced moments that stand out. The overlapping guitars, crashing drum sound and the ferocious vocal delivery create a dark yet danceable feel.

Fans of Egyptian Blue, LIFE, Pretty Vicious and the likes… here is your next new soundtrack.

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