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The Kindest People release debut album featuring standout single 'The Valley'!

'The Valley’, a track taken from Indie outfit The Kindest People's latest album is a song that makes you feel like you’re walking down Penny Lane on a summer's day in the 70s when life was good and there wasn’t a care in the world. There is a strong Beatles vibe but with a Tennessee twist.

There are so many layers to this track which offer a great depth of melodic and tonal interest. The first line “I don’t know if I’ve been changing or if I am just a part of something I have never had before” draws you in, followed by a catchy beat that starts intertwining Indie vocals, warming you up to an energetic verse and an even higher energetic Indie-Rock chorus. The song then cleverly drops straight down into a smooth, almost a cappella set of vocals to begin rolling you back up that high-energy mountain.

The track takes you on a journey of feeling stuck in a rut and coming out the other side. The flow of the music follows the story in parallel and has a real uplifting vibe to it. This is a clever track that shows the band's songwriting nouse and is the perfect starting point to draw you into their new album.


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