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The Howlers bring the sound of the west coast in new EP 'Further Down the Line'

East London band The Howlers are back again, showcasing their unique blend of Desert Rock in new their EP 'Further Down the Line'.

Opening track 'Nothing to Lose' adopts a Blues Rock vibe that makes listeners feel like they're dancing on the beach. The upbeat, buzzsaw riffs of the guitar beautifully blend with Adam's vocals, creating the perfect mix for feel good vibes. The EP's title track 'Further Down the Line' takes a slower tempo, allowing its listeners to notice and appreciate how perfectly the musical components of drummer Cam and bassist Guy set the tone for the track, touching listeners hearts and with a punch of Desert Rock Blues.

Grab your dancing shoes for the third on the list, 'Boy I Was Before', as it offers a new tone to the EP, having a quicker, snappier tempo that’ll have you jamming along start to finish. The tune gives off the sound of summer, with the woody guitar sounds and catchy lyricism, the cheerful track is bound to be a fan favourite. Then, shifting the tone once again and showing off their musical diversity, the EP ends on the acoustic, stripped back track 'Autumn Leaves'. The title itself captures the vibe of the tune: autumn. Warm and soothing, the acoustic guitar feels like a brisk, relaxing morning; it’s melody combines perfectly with Adam's soulful vocal tones.

Whether you’re looking for feel-good summer vibes, something to add to your morning relaxation playlist, or something to twang at your heart strings, The Howlers' unique sound of wanton, Indie, Desert Rock is a must in everyone’s lives and they’re a band you need to be looking out for.


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