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The Clockworks get Manchester ticking with a night of gritty Post-Punk!

Ireland seems to have a knack for producing straight talking, heavy hitting acts that are trailblazing this new wave of Post-Punk. Next in line, are the fast rising quartet The Clockworks. The band have received high praise from NME, CLASH and more as they combine socially insightful lyrical weavings with the relentless roll of their punchy Rock rhythms. Following the release of their debut EP, they have set out on tour across the UK and Europe, so we jumped into The Deaf Institute in Manchester to see what all the noise is about!

It was immediately apparent that their clockwork moniker was an apt representation of their sound. Tracks like ‘Money (I Don’t Wanna Hear It)’ and ‘Endgame’ from the new EP have a rigid, attack-minded flow to them. By no means were they formulaic, as instrumental neaunaces and the intense vocal performance of frontman James McGregor made every beat as uniquely exciting as the last. However, there was a definite ticking rhythm that brought a perpetual energy to the entire set.

Without making the obvious comparisons, ‘Feels So Real’ rang of the mature, gloomy atmospheres we have come to associate with Fontaines D.C. Yet, you can’t perform these kinds of tracks without a certain level of Rock and Roll swagger and all four members rose to the occasion, stomping across the stage with a confident showmanship. The rising changes in energy within these tracks were subtle but were felt throughout the room as the intensity grew chorus upon chorus and the crowd responded by springing up an ecstatic moshpit.

Musically, the highlight of the night was the fan-favourite ‘Enough Is Never Enough’, their most ferocious, angst-ridden number. The words “These fingers were made for pointing” rang around the venue long after the final note and acted as a lasting reminder of all that they stand for as a band.

With their straight-faced, fast-paced drama, lyrical nouse and appropriately cool on-stage manner, The Clockworks truty shook Manchester on a fantastic night of gritty Post-Punk. Be quick and catch them on the rest of their tour!


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