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The artist ren teases debut EP with new dose of bedroom pop melancholia 'sleepstuff'

At just 16, Californian Bedroom Pop songwriter Lauren V, AKA the artist ren, is already building up a lot of momentum as she heads towards her debut EP. Her debut single 'Not The Clones!' offered more of a gloomy and sunken hearted atmosphere than you would often expect from a young Indie Pop songstress. It demonstrated her clever control of sonic aesthetics and showed that she will be giving us much more than sunny, bubblegum tunes about summer romance. It was a really mature debut EP full of considered rhythms and a vast range of vocal and instrumental emotions.

Now, she has returned with her second single 'sleepstuff' which, as the name suggests, is a little more dreamy than her debut. Guitar lines tangle loosely with her melancholic vocal contemplations that are comparable to Phoebe Green for our UK readers. The lyrics "I'm scared to be alone" and "I climb into my parents bed" paint a brutally honest picture of her mental state. The instrumentals are densely layered with baselines and winding guitars dancing on top of a rolling drum beat and background harmonies that, together, perhaps depict the cluttered state of mind that she is going through in the song. A guitar / synth hook provides the real ear worming element of this song and combines catchy pop finesse with a deeper, natural feeling of Indie Pop melancholia. Good signs for the EP!


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