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Texan Indie Folk songwriter Fritz Hager releases soothing new single 'Bad Friend'!

Acclaimed Texan songwriter Fritz Hager is known for the powerful, moving quality of his music. His sultry vocal tones and rich, Folk instrumentation are captivating and intimate, and his latest single ‘Bad Friend’ is no different! From the very first moments your attention is caught by the spell-binding acoustic finger-picking. This acoustic line is superbly warm and earthy in tone and rambles on to create an almost percussive rhythm behind the track. However, it is the smooth vocal melodies of Fritz Hager that truly makes him stand out.

On this new track his voice is as slick and romantic as ever! Initially, it is intimate and vulnerable, speaking beautifully sentimental lyrics of love and loss. Yet, as the song grows, multiple backing harmonies are introduced which combine seamlessly to produce a powerful chorus of organic, indie folk melodies that are both catchy and heartwarming.

An interesting nuance of the song that also showcases Fritz Hager’s musical understanding is the subtle electronic elements that arrive towards the end. Abstract, broken, electro melodies echo in the background to add a wonderful sonic texture and a more immersive feel. The track then ends with distorted electronic vocals that slowly seal the song shut, as if Fitz has got lost in the mist. It’s a inventive and effective end to what is a beautiful track filled with heart and a striking vocal performance that rings of Ben Howard.


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