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Tennessee Indie quartet BadCulture release self-titled debut EP!

Tennesse-based BadCulture have just arrived with their debut EP, a fantastic four-track offering that brings together their well-acclaimed single releases from 2023. In some ways it is a nostalgic EP, with tracks like 'Red Roses' containing deep, Nirvana esc guitar lines and 'Psycho Sunday' radiating a sleezy swagger that you'd associate with 90s Indie, ringing of The Strokes at points. However, their melodies and crisp vocal deliveries have a brighter, more modern feel.

'Red Roses' is the most instantly striking and catchy track of the four. The vocals are delivered with a slick swagger, during the verses they land with a direct, punchy flow while the chorus leans into a more, cool and atmospheric groove. The riff maintains a memorable hook throughout allowing some of the other instrumentals to have a more free flowing style, particularly the drums which showcase a nice flair towards the end of the track. 'Thinking' is another bright Indie offering with big instrumental stabs creating a wonderfully angsty chorus.

'Take Your Time' is more introspective as a dreamy guitar line weaves around the background to create a more abstract soundscape. Meanwhile the vocals are echoed and melancholic. The chorus still has a gritty punch to it yet the tone of the melody is bittersweet, creating the most poignant chorus on the EP. Finally, 'Psycho Sunday' takes this grittier, insular style even further. The verses have a muted production on them, as if the tension is bottled away ready to explode in the chorus. When this explosion happens it comes in the form of a joyous flurry of passionate Indie expression. The EP grows increasingly serious in tone as it progresses and ends with this funky, hard-hitting and yet still undeniably catchy hit! For us, they save the best to last and close the EP in fantastic style!


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